One New Year’s resolution that’s always popular at any dinner party is to be more productive at work. Who doesn’t want to get more out of their time at the office?

One of the most significant ways you can be more productive at work is by ensuring that you have effective document management systems set up to enable easy access to your digital files. Managed document services can help you to streamline your digital document workflows and ensure that you really get the most out of your time in the office. However, it isn’t just about the workflows and the equipment you use. There are many things you can do to make yourself more productive at work:

  1. Wear headphones when you want quiet time.
    Whilst you’ll still be able to hear much of what goes on around you, it’ll make others think twice about disturbing you.
  2. If your printer is a short walk away, batch print all of your printing in one go, then collect it in just one journey.
  3. Create a consistent file naming process – something like:
    Product – description or committee – date. In practice this could look like:
    Project Domino – costs – Jan 2020
    If you follow the same rule for all your files, you’ll find it easier to retrieve them when you need them.
  4. Prioritise your time. Give time in your day to the key things you need to focus on and let everything else fit around them.
  5. Eat the frog. That thing you’ve been dreading. Get it done first. Then you won’t waste time dreading it and procrastinating further!
  6. Put meetings in your diary but instead of defaulting to half an hour, or an hour, only carve out the time you genuinely think they’ll take. A 20-minute meeting? Now, wouldn’t that be refreshing!
  7. Stop multitasking. It kills your productivity.
  8. Take regular breaks. Professor K Anders and his team of researchers at Florida State University have found that 90 minutes is the optimum length of time you can be productive for.
  9. Spend some time looking for the right productivity apps to help you with your work. Whether you use Monday or Trello for your project management, or an app like Concentrate or Freedom to help keep your mind focused at work, find solutions that will work for you.
  10. Reward yourself for your achievements. When you reach a goal or finish a task, allow yourself a cuppa or a chat.
  11. Take 10 minutes to have a quick tidy-up of your desk area before you get to work. It’ll pay dividends and boost your productivity all day long.
  12. Don’t get distracted from the task as hand. Park any tasks that will take you more than 2 minutes to execute and come back to them at another time.

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Statistics taken from ‘WRAP Green Office: A Guide to a more Cost-effective and environmentally sustainable office’.