If you own a business, you’ll always be trying to progress and grow. However, if your business is inefficient, you may not be able to evolve as much as you’d like. This is one area where ASL Managed Document Solutions can help

There are some simple steps you can take to efficiency within your business – bear in mind the following points can be customised according to your own particular business.


Begin with an efficiency assessment. Look at your competitors: what are they doing differently to you? Are they receiving more customers or profit? Do they have effective managed document solutions?

Ask yourself these questions:

1. How can you improve your relationship with employees to ensure they are working to the best of their ability?

2. Is there a personal development plan in place for both yourself and your employees?

3. How can you improve time efficiency?

4. Is there anything standing in the way of achieving better results for your business?

5. Are you managing your team effectively?


Continually monitor your business’ progress. If you are failing in one area, start identifying the key issues and plan to resolve them. Create a dashboard for employees to follow; this will not only improve their awareness of the issues, it will also help to promote a more efficient environment.


Communicating consistently with employees and customers mean quicker and more accurate responses and solutions. Failure to communicate efficiently results in you taking time to re-explain a company procedure or issue, which reinforces that the information isn’t clear or accessible for your employees.


Is your management software up to date? Do you even have management software? What about software for managed document solutions? If your software is old or you’re lacking in a particular area, this could be a key reason why your business is inefficient. Automation can help you conquer your busy schedule and start to get ahead of the curve when it comes to your workload.


This may seem completely obvious, however organisation can be even more beneficial than the previous points. Mislaying an important document or failing to find the minutes from the last team meeting results in you becoming delayed and affects your business’ output. Again, ensure you talk with your employees and customers about the changes you are thinking of making to your business and ensure that everyone is on board with this process. This will allow for a more organised environment.

Personal development

You may see training and PD as a financial burden on your business, however, part of your business running correctly and smoothly comes down to employees completing the tasks required of them. Personal development comes in diverse forms – from training and experience to studying and future goals. Not only will some level of PD benefit your employees, but your business will also be positively affected. Personal development plans can ensure better communication, better techniques and improved skills, which, in the long run, will allow your business to run effectively and efficiently.

Automate tasks

Automating tasks not only saves employees time but it allows them to do tasks which are productive and more beneficial to the business. Monotonous tasks such as sending receipts to customers or sending out PAYE slips are time-consuming and can easily be solved by implanting automated processes.

Business efficiency review

Once your business has undertaken all the steps above to ensure productivity and progress, get feedback from employees and customers. You will be able to monitor what is working and what isn’t. This will not only allow for growth but it will also help strengthen the business. Efficiency is about making the best possible use of the resources, time and products you have available. Once efficiency has improved, costs can be reduced and your competitiveness increased.

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