In the modern business, telephones and internet are at the heart of every operation at every level. Without a reliable internal and external communications system and a consistent internet connection, many companies would simply grind to a halt. Even a few minutes of downtime can be extremely expensive for your business – and a slow or inefficient communications system could be costing you more than you think.

Having a flexible communications system means your business can scale its data and connectivity needs to seasonal surges and dips, or step up its connectivity demands during periods of expansion and growth. Managed solutions for telephony and internet can keep costs down by adapting the service to your current needs.

Solutions tailored to your needs

Every business is different, so the one size fits all approach to connectivity is unlikely to work. There are two common mistakes businesses often make when selecting a telephone and internet package: they go for the cheapest package that meets their needs, but risk downtime whenever the network becomes overstretched; or they opt for an overly expensive package filled with extras they do not need.

By choosing a managed services company like ASL Group, your business benefits from a more flexible and efficient set of connectivity solutions. Communications packages can include elements such as leased lines, superfast and assured broadband, hosted telephony and corporate mobile solutions. The tailored package will be created after a full audit of your existing systems and analysis of your business needs, ensuring you get a cost-effective solution that meets all of your needs.

Why good connectivity matters

When a telephone system or internet connection goes down, your business is essentially closed until the fault is corrected. Your staff often become unable to do their jobs, your company data may be inaccessible, your customers may be unable to reach you and you may even lose sales. The true cost of downtime is hard to calculate, but experts suggest that thousands of pounds are lost for every minute that an average sized business loses connectivity.

Reliable, secure internet

The internet connection is the backbone of the modern business, and even the telephone systems rely on a stable connection. Businesses like yours need a fast connection that can handle large amounts of traffic, even during peak times. Options available include ADSL, EFM and leased line installations. Leased line packages often include provisions for voice transmissions and a standard telephony system can be easily integrated into the line.

ADSL broadband is faster than your home internet and includes more security features, so it should suit smaller business operations where there is low-level pressure on the communications system. Superfast broadband is around five times faster and it can handle heavier traffic, making it an ideal companion to hosted internet and telephony solutions. Assured broadband and leased line packages – including cheaper ethernet or EFM lines – give your business a dedicated channel for communications, without vying for bandwidth.

Telephony hosting and connectivity

Managed services and telephony hosting are the ideal option for businesses who want to streamline their in-house services and cut their operating costs, without compromising on the quality of their connectivity systems. Through managed hosting and cloud services, you can shift communications offsite while maintaining security standards – ensuring no call is dropped and no signal is lost. Hosted services can act as switchboards to reroute incoming calls, and as servers to carry phone and internet signals securely and quickly.

Business mobile networks can also help to maintain communications inside your business, enabling your workforce to become more mobile and dynamic within their own roles. A secure business network for mobile transmissions can protect data transmitted internally, even when employees are away from the premises, and can be fully integrated with the telephone system. The bespoke mobile service is a cost-effective way to connect your employees, and avoid the risks associated with unauthorised personal devices.

inding the right connectivity solutions

ASL Group has a full suite of connectivity solutions available for our clients, from leased lines and superfast broadband to hosted telephony solutions. To determine your own connectivity needs and get the most cost-effective solutions for your business, arrange a consultation with ASL Group today. Submit an online query now and we will get back to you to arrange your connectivity audit.