These days we’re made to feel guilty about everything. Buying veg that isn’t organic. Purchasing crisps packaged in plastic.  It’s no wonder that people love to feel like they’re doing something good once in a while.

That’s why, when we find a business that cares about environmental sustainability and does a good job, we’re more likely to stick with them. We all like to think that we Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, but could we be doing more? Especially where paper is concerned.

Every year 18.7 million acres of forest disappear from the surface of the Earth. That’s 27 football pitches every minute. Whilst much of it is to grow other crops, deforestation to produce paper for businesses is an element that we can’t afford to forget about.

Using managed print services gives you visibility on how your business is using printing. It becomes easier to spot patterns of data loss or over-reliance on printing, which of course also highlights where you can correct printing habits and improve your environmental sustainability.

Using Managed Print Services doesn’t just save you money through reducing the amount of paper purchased.

By reducing the amount of unnecessary printing, we not only reduce the amount of paper used, we also reduce the amount of waste created. Often print-outs are disposed of after a relatively short shelf life, and too often they aren’t even recycled.

With less printing comes a reducing in our ink cartridge consumption, and the landfill space that these later go on to occupy, and less greenhouse gasses emitted during the production process and the recycling process.

Taking a lighter touch with your hardware use also extends its life, increasing the time it takes to complete its lifecycle, and slowing down the cycle of purchase and disposal of hardware.

When you have visibility on how users are printing, why they are printing and where they are printing, you can understand work-flow processes better. Managed Document Service scan give you this visibility to help you make serious cost savings and environmental savings.

Advanced Managed Print Services open up a whole world of statistics and business analytics that can help you manage your workflows and printing practices more efficiently.

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