Today’s business world is one of mobile connections, virtual conversations and digital transactions. From eSignatures to eBooks, we live in an era where the screen is king.

It’s only natural to assume that all of this means that the days of the printed page are over.

Not so fast.

In reality, print is alive and well. Despite digital trends, paper is a vital component in conducting business, and research shows that it will continue to be as we look to the future.

“With trillions of pages still printed annually around the world now and into the future, print is still a fundamental need for business organizations. Any paper-to-electronic transition will be, at best, very gradual.” 1

From forms and documents flowing into your organisation, to communications in which print is the required or preferred method of delivery, the bottom line is that the need for paper remains.

That’s not to say that print environments are the same as they were just a few years ago. In fact, all of these digital demands are making device and infrastructure management more complex. Growing security risks and the need to connect and integrate with an ever-increasing number of digital channels means that your print environment must be more agile and seamless than ever before.

In short, you need a way to arm your print infrastructure, processes and users with the means to handle today’s challenges and proactively prepare for tomorrow’s complexities. You need new cutting-edge solutions that help you to manage every piece of the print puzzle.

You need cloud-based print technology.

It’s true that printers and the cloud may seem like an unlikely partnership. But cloud-enabled print has the power to unleash your devices, empower your users and liberate your IT staff. And that means saying goodbye to frustrating complexities and security upkeep, and hello to more effortless print management, designed for the digital age.


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1.IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Imaging, Printing, and Document Solutions 2018 Predictions (October 2017, IDC #US43152617)