A good connection to the internet is no longer just an advantage for today’s companies, but is an absolute necessity. Of course for some the internet is more vitally important than it is to others, but essentially there are few businesses around today that can carry out their day to day activities without a good connection.

At ASL we offer more than one type of internet connection, this makes it easier to choose the right option for you and means you needn’t ever overspend nor have a service that isn’t fast or robust enough for your needs. These four types of connectivity are: ADSL Broadband, Fibre Broadband, Leased Line (including EFM) and Assured Broadband. Which one you choose will come down to a number of factors which may include budget, internet usage, how essential consistent connectivity is and also whether you want to integrate additional services such as hosted telephony. Getting to grips with these different types of connectivity is easier than it sounds. Read on as we explain the four main types of connectivity solution we offer here at ASL.

ADSL Broadband

ADSL Broadband connectivity
ADSL Broadband is a widespread choice; it’s your everyday high-speed internet connection. ADSL Broadband is most certainly an upgrade from home broadband as it is much more resilient and also faster. The true benefit of this option lies in its accessible price point. It’s the perfect choice for small companies who won’t fully utilise one of the more comprehensive connection options. It’s also a good choice for start-ups who are trying to keep costs low in their first year as they grow. In some instances, a business that may be large in terms of employee numbers and output, but doesn’t extensively use the internet, will also find that ADSL Broadband more than meets its needs.

Fibre Broadband

You may have heard of this through its other common name; Superfast Broadband, or perhaps as ‘Fibre Optic Broadband’. Fibre Broadband provides a speedier internet connection than ADSL, that can easily handle most of the needs of the modern busy workplace. In fact it can be as much as five times faster than standard ADSL Broadband. It’s the ideal choice for successful and busy SMEs or perhaps for growing firms looking to invest a little more for a superfast connection.

One key advantage of Fibre Broadband is that it allows firms to take advantage of hosted services without the need to invest in additional and often expensive dedicated connectivity.

Leased Lines

Leasing your own private line in to the world wide web is the only choice for many offices, especially medium to large businesses, business that have high internet usage or depend on constant high speeds, and also firms looking for excellent security. It is the ultimate business-grade solution used not only by large businesses but also educational establishments and local governmental offices.

This is a good choice for businesses who simply can’t afford to be without internet connection, ever. It’s also the ideal solution for those that don’t even want to suffer a slow down or a drop in the service. This uncontended line will not be used by anyone apart from those in your office, making it extremely resilient and also boasting excellent speeds for downloading and uploading, unhindered by the activities of the office or housing block next door.

When it comes to leasing lines there are a few options available, although most choose Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM). This option is quick to install and costs less than a standard type of leased line. This doesn’t come at a compromise in terms of either resilience or speed however.

ured Broadband


Assured Broadband is a specialist choice which is recommended for those using our hosted telephony services. Assured Broadband connectivity comes with guaranteed levels of bandwidth and performance and allows for excellent quality voice calls to be made over it.

If you have any questions about which is the right connectivity choice for you, then please get touch with a member of our team here as ASL who can advise you as to the correct connectivity solution for your office.