In a modern economy where gaining a competitive edge is more important than ever, companies across the corporate sector are looking to set themselves apart from other firms in their industry in any way possible. As such, the increasing use of digital platforms and technological solutions for age-old problems has become increasingly popular for a wide array of companies across a host of different sectors and industries.

Revolutionising document management

One such way that digital solutions are being applied to age-old problems is through the FileStar document management system. Using the latest developments in cloud-based technology, the FileStar system has revolutionised the way that companies manage the large quantity of information and documents that need to be processed in order to successfully and effectively carry out their operations. Large multinational market-leaders such as McDonalds and LG currently use the FileStar system to streamline and simplify their document management operations. Here at ASL, we offer FileStar as part of our Managed Print Services.


Benefits of the FileStar document management system

Where once company offices were filled to the brim with filing cabinets containing every document necessary for a company’s operations, the FileStar system provides a technologically-savvy alternative. Utilising cloud-based technology, FileStar allows documents of all shapes and sizes to be scanned digitally into a comprehensive system that provides a much greater ease of access. Rather than sifting through a heap of cluttered documents trying to find the required piece of paper, FileStar ensures that each document is logged digitally, and thus can be easily accessed through the click of a button.

Aside from the time saved from not having to physically search through filing cabinets to find the desired document, FileStar also helps to save a great deal of money through the decreased necessity for paper documents, and for the storage facilities to house them. Office space can instead be used more effectively, and rather than spending company resources on reams and reams of paper, funds can be allocated more effectively.

Moreover, FileStar can help companies to truly contribute to more environmentally-friendly practices, which not only benefits conservation efforts, but also can be a useful marketing tool to appeal to a millennial generation that places a greater emphasis on a company’s moral practices.

FileStar’s use of cloud-based technology not only helps with the ease of access to documentation, but it also helps to relieve the pressure on a company’s in-house computer server. With FileStar, there is little to no necessity in running a costly in-house server to store digitised documents; instead, all a company needs is a web browser to access the totality of stored documents.

Another advantage of FileStar’s document management system is the level of security provided. With guaranteed secure access, regular comprehensive auditing, and flexible retention policies, FileStar ensures that any company using the system will meet document compliance requirements.


Features of the FileStar system

There are clearly numerous benefits to using the FileStar system; and there are also a host of technologically-savvy features that enhance the user experience to make document management much simpler and user friendly. Some of the unique features that FileStar has to offer include:

1) Compatibility with any Windows operated scanner or multi-function device
2) Paper document scans automatically converted into searchable PDF documents
3) User-friendly web browser interface
4) Comprehensive search engine for easy document access
5) Ability to send documents to FileStar via email
6) Automated document filing and naming system
7) Customisable user access control to documentation
8) File emails and documents from Microsoft Office
9) Ability to create multiple document inboxes


How does the FileStar system work?

As the features of the FileStar document management system suggest, using FileStar to digitally file and track documents is easier than ever before. The user simply scans a paper document straight from their device, and the scanned documented is automatically sent to the FileStar cloud-based server and filed in the appropriate folder.

Using a simple yet effective process, the FileStar system has helped to revolutionise the document management process for a host of companies:

1) FileStar cloud connect app

This app is installed on a single computer or server within a company, and is the system which acts to upload scans taken from copiers or scanners.

2) Scan a document from a copier or scanner

By creating a scan profile, which the majority of current scanners and copiers on the market have the ability to do, documents can be scanned with the click of a single button. Once completed, the scanned documented is sent to the FileStar system. This represents the final stage the user needs to complete!

3) Documents get transferred into PDFs

The FileStar system automatically begins processing new documents into PDFs, requiring no input from the user. The FileStar system can be configured at implementation with rules on how to process different documents, ensuring that they are processed correctly. For example, documents scanned through different scanning profiles can be processed in different ways.

4) PDFs get transferred to the Cloud

Once scanned documents have been converted, they are automatically sent to FileStar’s cloud-based server and filed accordingly. If for any reason you should lose internet connectivity, the FileStar app will retain the document locally on the computer it was scanned into, and then finish the upload process once connectivity returns.

5) Search for the documents in your browser

Uploaded documents can now be searched for and viewed using an internet browser.

6) Document lifecycle

FileStar’s access control allows only selected or authorised users to access uploaded documents. Moreover, built-in audit trails keep a record of users who have viewed or edited documents. Retention policy features allow documents to be flagged if they need to be removed due to compliance requirements.

To learn more about how the FileStar document management system can benefit your business, contact us at ASL today!