In today’s tough economic climate, managers are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their businesses, especially when it comes to large overheads such as essential printing costs.

Printing is an expense which places significant demands on a business, in terms of both the physical costs of machines such as paper and ink, but also the large time commitments of already busy IT departments.

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to take advantage of Managed Print Services (MPS). So, we thought it would be useful to look at the value this professional service can add to businesses.


Reduced downtime

For businesses which rely on trouble-free printing, a Managed Print Service can quickly prove its value through regular, periodic maintenance. If the IT team are struggling to get to grips with finding faults or maintaining the increasingly complex high-tech printers, a Managed Print Service maintenance plan will ease the pressure. The Managed Print Service will provide an experienced team to take care of everything, so staff are free to carry on with their day-to-day tasks.

In fact, many businesses which subscribe to a Managed Print Service may not even notice the issues, as often they are solved before the efficiency of printing is affected. As part of a maintenance programme, the wearing parts and consumables are replaced automatically by trained staff, who visit the business at key intervals.


Improved efficiency

The majority of organisations do not have the time or resources to devise a print strategy, with could help improve efficiency across the business. The amount of time employees spend on tasks such as printing, scanning, replacing cartridges and repairing malfunctions can be surprisingly time-consuming.

It is common for businesses to be unaware of the potential improvements in efficiency, which a professional print management company will be quickly able to implement. A professional print management team will get to know the individual requirements of your business, so that you benefit from any potential improvements to workflows. The print company will then quickly build a profile of every machine within a business, with continuous improvements made to improve the workplace efficiency.


Reduced costs

The majority of businesses do not have an accurate figure for their printing costs, as most will only consider the costs of physical goods and servicing. There are also several indirect costs that businesses should factor into calculations including lost productivity, maintenance and downtime. It is estimated that printing costs for a business can total between 1-10% of an organisation’s revenue, which represents a significant cost.

A print management company will calculate an accurate cost of the business’s printing, which will allow the business to see the overall picture. By understanding the small details, it will quickly become clear where savings can be made. A Managed Print Service will then devise an efficient strategy to monitor and manage equipment and consumables, which could bring an organisation cost savings of up to 35%. This will be achieved by consolidating supplies, automating consumable replacements, reducing outsourcing costs and optimising equipment placement to deliver brilliant savings.


Improved flexibility

Printing requirements across a business’s departments can vary dramatically. A knowledgeable MPS provider will be able to build a bespoke printing programme, which could include new solutions such as mobile printing or implementing new document sizes and formats. By always having an expert at hand, businesses benefit from the latest knowledge and improvements in technology, which can improve levels of productivity and flexibility across departments.


Improved cash flow and lower capital expenditure

For businesses of all sizes, purchasing a new fleet of printers can be a large cost, but Managed Print Services can provide a variety of affordable payment plans. A popular choice among many businesses is a pay-per-page contract, with hardware leased from the print manager. This is ideal for companies which are looking to avoid large bills every few years. Businesses also benefit from real-time updates about their usage with useful forecasting tools for future costs.


Reduced environmental impact

As printing efficiency improves across the business, the amount of paper, consumables and electricity required will dramatically decrease. An effective Managed Print Service will incorporate a monitoring system into the package, which will help businesses identify a variety of usage levels. If usage suddenly increases, it is quick and simple to intervene and take measures to further reduce the environmental impact of the business.


At ASL we understand that every business is unique, so our team are committed to getting to know the intricacies of your printing demands. Whether you have a few printers in your office, or multiple businesses across the area with a variety of printing equipment, we believe we can assist.

If you would like more information about how our Managed Print Services could add value to your business, please contact our experienced team today.

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