About 90% of businesses are unable to estimate how much they actually spend on document management. It’s a big number; and, if you run a business or buy office supplies for one, you likely know how expensive it can be. A typical day in the office brings a great many printed sheets, and you’re probably painfully aware that a lot of them don’t actually need to be printed at all. Inefficient printing is costly, wasteful, deleterious to the environment and – perhaps most importantly of all – unproductive. When paper is wasted on documents which don’t need to be printed, that same paper cannot be used for the documents that do.


The Solution

This is where Papercut comes in. Papercut is a software for print management, which means that it allows you to see what’s in your (or your employees’) print or photocopy queue at a glance. This enables an employer or manager to instantly compare photocopier and/or printer use across departments, or even between devices. When you can see what your business is using the photocopier for, you can work out where to streamline your printer and photocopier use. It can even track and manage printing from Chromebook, Android, iOS and other devices – so if your company has a bring-your-own-device policy, you can still benefit from using Papercut.


The Environmental Benefits

The software also offers a boost in eco-friendliness for your company, by not only allowing you to set print quotas but also showing you the key facts about what and how you’ve been photocopying. When it becomes possible to see where paper wastage is occurring, it becomes that much easier to minimise paper waste. The average employee prints around 8,000 to 10,000 sheets in a single year – that’s equivalent to about a tree per employee – and of those about 1,400 are wasted. Think of it this way: if you have just six employees in your company, who each waste 1,400 sheets each, their wasted sheets alone add up to more than a tree’s worth of paper. And wasted sheets are useless, so they may as well be blank. 1,400 blank sheets of paper is an awful lot: imagine stacking it! Print quotas, on the other hand, discourage wasteful printing and photocopying by setting paper use limits, meaning that employees think about their photocopying a little more and hence save a few trees.

Instead, Papercut encourages employees to use modern, digital solutions, like forwarding emails and using the cloud for data; these will save even more time and money as would-be photocopier users never even have to leave their desk. In fact, printing only necessary documents would mean that employees spend more time getting on with work that needs to get done.


The Efficiency Benefits

Beyond simply limiting photocopies, encouraging employees to be more responsible with printer use means that paper is saved for the really important stuff – and makes sure there’s always enough paper to go round. Your employees will barely ever have to feel frustrated with a lack of paper or ink (and therefore their workflow won’t be disrupted), and you’ll be able to save money on print supplies for the entire company. It is a fact that printing costs are usually the third biggest expense for a business, after rent and paying wages! The average cost of printing for a company with £10 million in revenue is between £100,000 and £300,000; cutting that down to size would be a significant boost. And small businesses, who would perhaps find that extra saving even more useful, can benefit too – ASL supply businesses of any size with Papercut.


Why Us?

Furthermore, Papercut is the single best print management software on the market today. It has the most features, and it has near-complete cross-platform usability; it can be used with all major operating systems. It’s intuitive and easy to use, and can even be set up and used in 16 different languages. It is, in fact, the one and only true cross-platform print management system on the market. It is developed by a bright, clued-up team focused on engineering and technology – which means they are focused on making your business that much more productive using real facts and figures.

Nor is Papercut a purely corporate tool. It actually started life as a means of enforcing print quotas for students – as such, it can be used in schools and universities too, and even government departments have felt their benefits. Essentially, in any professional or educational environment where there are photocopiers, Papercut can increase their efficiency and productivity.



ASL offers Papercut as part of their suite of Managed Print Services. If you are interested in acquiring the efficiency that Papercut offers for your fleet of photocopiers, get in touch. ASL offer free phone consultations, after which they can provide you a quote tailored to your business’s exact requirements. Greater efficiency and productivity for your photocopier fleet is within your grasp.