Managed Print Services (MPS) are an increasingly popular way for businesses to reduce the amount they spend on printing while maintaining the highest quality standards. Managed Print Services can also be a great tool to help you grow your business, for example by reducing hardware costs and making your expenditure more predictable.

What is MPS?

When you first contact ASL to discuss Managed Print Services, we will work with you to examine the printing needs of your business and work out what the most efficient and cost-effective solution will be for your business needs. ASL can offer a wide range of options, including colour and mono printing, photocopying, and other services, all with clear up-front costings to help you make the right decisions for your business.

Because ASL supply and install machines for our customers, we can negotiate the best offers, and so pass on fantastic prices to our customers from leading brands including Epson, Ricoh, HP, Canon, Kyocera and others. Because supply and fitting are included in the monthly cost of your MPS contract, you can avoid the need to find large amounts of capital to set up your printing operation, as well as the risks which come with owning such high-value assets.

For a young, growing business – or a more established enterprise looking to expand – the opportunity to spread the capital costs of your printing equipment, software, and installation over a period of time could allow you to free up much-needed funds to spend on other projects.

Innovative software solutions included

Alongside the physical printing equipment, ASL will also supply, install, and configure print management software to enable you to make the most of your new printing systems. Options include cloud printing solutions, and print queuing.

Queuing can be especially useful in helping you to reduce costs and free up cash for growth projects as, by requiring the user to get up and go to the printer to physically trigger the printing process, it ensures that users only print essential documents. A solution like this will also reduce your paper (and energy) use which can significantly enhance your company’s environmental credentials.

Additional, off-site services such as document management, archiving, and retrieval, and consultancy can also be included in your Managed Print Service contract.

Monitoring, maintenance and support

Throughout your MPS contract, ASL will provide a full range of monitoring, maintenance, support, and training services as part of an agreed level of service with your business. A unique dashboard monitoring service will provide an overview of the health and status of your printing systems. This information is also accessible to our remote support engineers, who can diagnose and solve most problems using the remote management service, saving you the stress and hassle of having to wait for a service engineer to attend your premises.

For those occasions when your printing hardware needs a little TLC, our expert team of engineers can be with you within hours, as well as arranging regular visits to service, maintain, and upgrade your hardware as needed.

Most software upgrades and updates can be completed remotely, and ASL’s automated notifications system works in the background to ensure that you never run out of consumables.

All of these support, maintenance and upgrade services are included in the cost of your Managed Print Services contract. As well as the financial predictability of having one payment each month covering all of your printing needs, you will also avoid the expense of having your own in-house engineers or IT team spending their time on printing issues when they could be supporting the growth of your business.

Growing with your business

All growing businesses have needs which change over time, so your Managed Print Services contract can change with you. Perhaps with growth you need to include a larger print output, or increase the number of machines you have in the business, or maybe add a new printing type to your workflow. One key advantage of MPS is that changes such as this can be added to your contract and reflected in small increases – or even decreases – in your payments.

Because your MPS contract can change with your business, you can avoid the expense and hassle of procuring new hardware and software, as well as the increasingly costly process of disposing of hardware which is no longer needed.

A bespoke solution for your growing business

At ASL, we work with your growing business to create a managed printing solution which is bespoke to you and meets all the needs of your organisation, for the best possible price. Contact us today, and we will create a personalised assessment of your printing needs, with a fully costed, no-obligation quote so that you can see precisely how a Managed Print Service from ASL can help your business continue to grow.