One of the key benefits of using ASL for your managed print services is that we’re completely agnostic. Independent. Impartial.

However you describe it, we’re not tied to a single printer hardware or copier hardware manufacturer.

With a wide range of printer manufacturer partners, we’re perfectly positioned to choose the right IT equipment for your needs and budget.

You can read more about how we provide independent advice and ensure we meet the needs of all of our customers, without any brand bias, here in our recent blog ‘The benefits of using an agnostic managed print service’.

We consider carefully the partners we work with, to bring our managed print services  customers a wide range of models from reliable, well-respected photocopier and print hardware providers. When evaluating a partnership, here are some of the key criteria we look at.

  1. Longevity and reputation

While we’re careful to ensure that all of the long-standing and established names in the print and photocopier hardware industry are represented within our range, we’re also keen to recognise any emerging print and photocopier manufacturers that may have something different to offer. This is why we stock names that have been around for almost 100 years like Canon (founded in 1937) and those who are merely entering their adolescent years such as Konica Minolta (founded in 2003).

  1. Specialisms

Not all printer hardware manufacturers are the same, so we consider each one based on their own merits. For example, OKI has built their reputation for creating specialist hardware for envelope printing, whereas Xerox is better known for its reliability.

  1. Market price points

We identify a wide range of hardware devices from different price points. By offering entry-level devices, high-tech premium hardware and many alternative options in between, we’re able to give our customers a wide range of options, whatever their budget and whatever their needs.

  1. Pre- and post-sales support

The decision-making doesn’t end with the purchase. We take into account the pre- and post-sales support offered by each manufacturer to make sure that our customers get the support that they need for any new purchases. It’s important to us that with any new managed print hardware fleet, our customers can transfer seamlessly and are able to print and copy on their new devices in no time.

  1. Produce development and investment

By keeping an eye on the market and being independent, we’re able to respond quickly to market advances and a change in consumer demands. For example, technology to protect data has advanced dramatically in recent years with the advent of pull printing and device certificates and, by working with a wide range of IT hardware providers, we can offer these advancements to our customers as they emerge. For that reason, product development is always a key element in considering which IT hardware companies we partner with.

For more information about any of our partners, you can visit our ‘Partners’ page on our website or contact us on 0345 207 7000.