This century, 10% of global warming is expected to come from thawing permafrost.

In the next 100 years, we can expect an increase of around 4 degrees in temperature as a result of climate change driven by fossil fuel-induced carbon emissions. As Epson recently pointed out in their latest infographic, the stats around global warming and the effect it’s having on our planet are pretty scary.

That, in itself, is a huge incentive to do what you can for the environment, however, taking green steps to make your business more sustainable doesn’t have to be at the expense of your bottom line. Actually, taking measures to improve your sustainability can also boost your credibility.

Investor Survey reveals that “90% of investors say they have made decisions over the past 12 months based on the potential benefits of a ‘green recovery’.”

Research by Deloitte has found that 42% of Americans have already changed their consumption habits because of their environmental priorities and 21% have actively encouraged others to switch brands based on environmental issues.

These statistics show that winning market share isn’t simply about ensuring that you’re reducing the amount of paper your business uses and how much waste it sends to landfill. To win market share, you need to prove that your business is making green choices too. That the suppliers you select are equally environmentally conscious and are taking the measures that they can, to deliver a more sustainable service.

We’re aiming high when it comes to being carbon-neutral

Here, at ASL, we’re aiming to become carbon neutral, but that isn’t enough. We’re also developing our services to support our clients in reducing their carbon footprint too.

We are currently working out just how quickly we can realistically achieve our goal of carbon neutrality, but we’re not waiting to have these plans in place, to actually start making a difference.

We have retrofitted our entire HQ with LED lighting and motion sensors and switched our electricity supply to 100-percent renewable energy providers.

67 % of our company vehicles are now either fully electric, plug-in-hybrid or hybrid – and 100 % of our field technicians’ vehicles will be hybrid by Sept 2023.

We have installed ten PodPoint EV charging stations at our Head Office which are free to use for staff and visitors.

And we’ve sharpened our focus on waste reduction. For example, all bins have been removed from staff desks and we have recycling stations and shredders around the building.

We have invested in a polystyrene compactor which turns the polystyrene into blocks that are then repurposed in other manufacturing processes.  Just this process alone has eliminated the need for a 7.5-tonne truck per week for polystyrene collection. In fact, it’s working so well, we’ve also invested in a cardboard compactor too.

Then, there are ways that we are helping our clients meet their sustainability objectives:

Print Releaf

Since March 2019, when we joined PrintReleaf, ASL Group customers, have collectively offset the equivalent of 403M letter pages of paper consumption by reforesting 48.3K trees.

PrintReleaf enables customers to help sustain and grow our global forest system … one print job at a time, by converting their paper footprint into actual trees in forests that need it most around the world.

Choosing a Sustainable Product Fleet

Technology has made a big impact on printer and photocopying equipment in a relatively short space of time and we choose the printer and photocopier equipment that we let to our clients with these advancements in mind. When choosing the models to invest in, we consider the energy-saving capabilities and environmental features that they have, helping our clients to keep costs low and to do whatever they can to reduce waste and energy usage without compromising on their processes.

Promoting sustainable practices

We’re making paperless processes more accessible by supporting clients on their journey to digitisation with products such as DocuWare. By decreasing the amount of paper and ink used, we’re automatically reducing the burden on the limited resources on our planet.

So, when choosing your photocopier and print suppliers, look for those that reflect your passions as they’ll help you achieve your goals.

For more information on how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals, with services like ASL Flex contact us on [email protected] or visit our website at ASL Flex | ASL Group (