Justin Willis has been featured in the PRINT.IT Reseller Magazine & Website article “The Race To Net Zero” discussing ASL and our aim to be carbon neutral.

Justin Willis says: ASL is aiming to be carbon neutral. We recently relocated to a new head office and warehousing location and we are currently calculating data to establish our (new) current carbon footprint in order to put a realistic timeline target on our goal. We have already implemented a number of initiatives to support this strategy. We have retro-fitted our entire HQ with LED lighting and motion sensors and 100 per cent of our electricity is purchased only from renewable energy providers. Moreover, 67 per cent of our company vehicles are now either fully electric, plug-in-hybrid or hybrid – and 100 per cent of our field technicians’ vehicles will be hybrid by Sept 2023. We have also installed ten PodPoint EV charging stations at head office which are free to use for staff and visitors. We have also focused on solutions to reduce waste. For example, all bins have been removed from staff desks and we have a number of recycling stations and shredders around the building. We have also invested in a polystyrene compactor which turns the polystyrene into blocks that are then repurposed in other manufacturing processes. This investment has eliminated the need for a 7.5 tonne truck per week and all the CO2 emissions associated with collecting bags of polystyrene. We have also recently invested in a cardboard compactor for a similar purpose.

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