Owners and leaders in small and medium sized businesses often believe that true print management control comes with an expensive IT price tag and sophisticated systems requirements.

That’s not necessarily the case however: with Ricoh’s new Control+, organisations of typically up to 100 employees can get a grip on print volumes and potential data leaks through a Cloud-based app that sits directly on their Multi-Functional Print (MFP) devices.

Using existing security infrastructure, such as access control cards, PIN code and email passwords, employees can store jobs to be printed only when they are physically able to release them at the MFP; they can scan documents directly from the MFP into cloud-based storage; and administrators can gather a wide range of usage reports, giving them immediate visibility of what has been printed and by whom.

Control+ can help you gain control of all your printing and improve the service to staff in a variety of ways:

  1. Track, trace and report on all user activity (print, copy and scan per user, group, department)
  2. Savings on paper, toner and time through having a more efficient print process
  3. Mobile printing capability available to all staff – send print jobs from anywhere and from any mobile device; print anywhere on the network and from any MFP

Even more value to speed up business processes: integrated scanning

If your business uses the following applications, then the Control+ integration is ready made for you; Box, Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, O365 package for Outlook, Sharepoint and OneDrive

The app also brings benefits in terms of document management, giving users the ability to scan a document directly into the network server or a cloud storage system, all from the MFP. This saves a significant amount of time compared to the system used by many, of scanning to email and then having to manually save the document to archive location once back at their desktop.

Ricoh are best known as a manufacturer for multifunctional devices. However, their product portfolio covers everything from small desktop printers to large production devices for reprographic environments.