At ASL, we choose our partners carefully. We want to offer our customers the very best service, matching their needs and ensuring the optimal uptime, the greatest reliability possible, improved cost-effectiveness and sustainability. To do this, we choose the brands we partner with carefully, and we’re extremely proud to have some of the very best printer and copier manufacturers in our little black book.

But, what is in a name?

What are each of these partners known best for? And are there any secret strengths that are lesser-known but equally deserving.

–         Canon

A market leader in commercial print, Canon has placed the primary portion of its focus on sustainability. Its I.R.I.S. technology uses a range of hardware, software and information management solutions to help businesses keep costs as low as possible and also offer environmentally friendly features such as instant operation. With no need for the printer to warm up, the device uses less power.

–          Kyocera

A bugbear of many printer users is the inconvenience caused by dried ink. Kyocera is known for its advanced printhead technology which facilitates cleaning of the print heads to dissolve dried ink which, according to Kyocera, enables printing of up to 60-million pages before maintenance is required. However, Kyocera’s reputation rests mainly on its reliability and ease of use.

–          Epson

Epson’s main mission has been reliability. By installing permanent print heads and using inkjet printing, Epson has continued to drive down the number of printer components, lowering potential replacement and repaid costs, and with fewer components to go wrong, reducing downtime. Epson technology is quite unique as it combines very small, variable-size ink droplets to print the tiniest of details crisply for high quality photos and laser-sharp text – even when printing in high volume.

–          Ricoh

One of Ricoh’s most pertinent technologies is speed, without compromising on quality. Ricoh staggers its printheads to double the productivity of conventional printers with fast inkjet printing. These three printheads boast a handoff accuracy of micrometers, which enables a printing width of around 150mm per scan – that is three times more than a conventional printer. This type of technology is particularly useful with larger printing projects such as signage, wallpaper products and items that require high quality print with a fast turnaround.

–          Lexmark

Lexmark makes printers with practicality. Over the last 30 years, they’ve built their reputation on creating printers built for their environment. They are intentionally designed with steel frames that are sturdy and have onboard sensors to allow the printers to adjust automatically to the environment they’re used in.

–          Duplo

Duplo is more of a ‘duplicator’ rather than a printer. Duplo duplicators specialise in producing high precision, automated, print finishing technology which enables faster prints at around a quarter of the price of a photocopier at an impressive speed of around 130 pages per minute.

We take time to choose our partners carefully so that we can continue to offer our customers independent advice on the correct printing solution for them. Above, we’ve only mentioned a couple of the unique points for our key partners, however, for each partner there is a wealth of other reasons to choose their high-quality copier and printing equipment. For more information on any of our partners or their printing or copying equipment, visit our website at or contact us on 0345 207 7000.