If you’ve been considering outsourcing print management for your business but are yet to make a final decision, you’ve probably already asked yourself these questions:

  • What if the supplied service levels don’t meet our expectations?
  • How can we be sure of data integrity and confidentiality?
  • If we tie into a contract with a outsourced supplier, will we be restricted as the nature of our business changes?
  • Could management changes cause friction and uncertainty within our business?
  • The outsourcing company could go out of business – what happens then?

What is a managed print services (MPS)?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is to outsource the performance and maintenance of your company’s print systems (mono/colour copiers, standard/large format printers, franking machines etc.) so that activity can be monitored and controlled; data is optimised, efficiencies are gained and money is saved.

The savings your business can make in terms of time and money are highly valuable. Not only will your maintenance costs be lower but you can control your cash-flow by predicting when hardware will need new supplies (ink, paper etc.) in advance. With MPS, the life-cycle and performance of all of your print systems can easily be calculated and if there are any problems, you won’t need to worry about sorting it out yourself. These issues will be resolved promptly and effectively by your MPS provider. If you already go to the effort of estimating your monthly printing costs and life-cycle of your inks and printers, MPS will do it for you automatically. There’s also the major issue of security – with a MPS, data protection and use of equipment can be monitored and evaluated should any issues arise. From an environmental point of view, a MPS should also lead to a reduction of energy consumption as well as less waste because usage can be calculated accurately and any malfunctions dealt with speedily.

It’s worth remembering that serious problems arising with MPS providers are rare, because tough market competition means high overall standards of implementation and performance. Although it’s mainly larger companies who benefit from instigating a MPS, plenty of smaller companies who are acutely aware of cost-cutting and environmental responsibilities have benefitted greatly from outsourcing their print requirements.

How do you find yourself the best outsourced print management supplier to work with your business?

  • Make sure the company has a track record of high quality service – how long have they been trading?
  • Obtain examples of how the supplier manages client expectations – how do they manage problems which may arise?
  • Find out how your business relationship would be managed – would you be provided with a designated account manager?
  • Ask the supplier for a list of their existing customers
  • Their data integrity should conform to UK standards such as Data Protection and ISO 27001
  • High company turnover doesn’t always mean a proven track record in delivery and customer service – make sure they really do know the industry and can provide client feedback where possible

Outsourcing can be a highly effective way of highlighting and controlling print management solutions for your business, especially if it’s turned into an expensive and time-consuming process to manage internally. Think about why you want to outsource and it will help drive your business strategy, as well as empower your company to notice tangible benefits resulting in spending reductions and higher levels of efficiency.

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