Best-in-class quality to empower the workplace

Ricoh are best known as a manufacturer for multifunctional devices. However, their product portfolio covers everything from small desktop printers to large production devices for reprographic environments. With their high-speed, top quality and proven reliability, the Ricoh devices are an essential tool for busy working environments. There are many additional features that can be added to any device to ensure the equipment is tailored to your requirements.

Ricoh’s sustainability leadership

Ricoh’s approach to sustainability focuses on every part of the company: from manufacturing to distribution, business sites to recycling, and how they support their customers and partners. Across all their sites, they undertake a wide range of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) initiatives in alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to help communities prosper and significantly reduce their environmental footprint.

In pursuit of a zero carbon society

Using resources effectively helps promote a recycling-oriented society and keeps used products out of landfills. By reusing and recycling materials, we can generate less waste, reduce the demand on our natural resources to create new materials and move toward a zero-carbon society. At Ricoh, our goal is to support a circular economy through the effective use of resources. We’re placing importance on producing smaller and lighter products, extending the life of parts, reusing products, adopting recycled materials and utilizing recyclable resources.

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“We’ve been very impressed
with the output quality of the Ricoh press."