Up and down the country, companies are losing money and time simply by failing to streamline their print efficiency. It may seem like a small problem, and one that many business owners won’t consider, but a few small tweaks can go a long way. Here’s how you can increase your print efficiency, and have a real impact on both productivity and the bottom line.

Evaluate your current print efficiency

The first thing to do when attempting to improve office print efficiency is to take a close look at your existing processes and systems. Identify areas where certain jobs take longer than they should and work out how the same tasks could be done more efficiently.

One way in which you can quickly implement changes is to make sure that your staff members have the right hardware and software at their disposal. Adding the right equipment can reduce costs, speed up processes, and increase the overall efficiency of your operation.

If you have an old printer that’s used for multiple print or copy jobs, simply replacing it with a more modern, faster one can speed up print jobs and save staff members having to stand around waiting for jobs to complete. In addition, old printers frequently fail, leaving staff frustrated and delaying jobs. Investing in reliable newer hardware could resolve these issues for good.

Reduce outsourced printing

It’s always been the traditional way of working to outsource much of your corporate marketing printing to a third party. This means that you lose most of the control of your printing projects and you also have the cost of paying the middle man.

It is far more efficient to invest in printing equipment for your business that is suitable for larger print runs of your company promotional and marketing literature. Once the initial investment has been made, the cost and efficiency savings you will make in the future will soon compensate for the outlay.

Reduce colour print volumes

One very quick way of saving money and improving print efficiency in your workplace is by prioritising black and white printing and making this the default setting in your office. Make sure that all everyday printing is done in monochrome and use colour printing only for specific documents that require it.

Minimise waste

In many cases, it is not really necessary for everyone in the office to have a physical copy of every document they work with. Some of the documents in frequent use and subject to revision and amendment can be managed and updated via your company server. Implement a directive whereby staff only print out the salient pages of a document until the whole thing is finalised, saving time and money across the board.

Choose the right print hardware

Investing in the right print hardware for your business will not only make your business run more efficiently, it will also save you money in the long run. Choose equipment appropriate to the size of your operation and the volumes of printing you usually require.

Before making any purchases, always seek the advice of an expert supplier. Taking the time to discuss your business requirements with an expert can help you to zone in on the right print equipment, which will help your operation run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

For example, you can help to save time and money on copying, printing, scanning, and faxing by providing your key staff members with a multifunctional device that carries out all these functions. This will save you floor space and remove the need for staff to leave their desks every time they need to send a fax or scan a document.

It is possible to improve the overall efficiency of your office and save your business money too by looking closely at your print systems and updating them.


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