Discover best working practices from the workspace to effective communication and mental wellbeing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a real-life digital transformation – being prepared to evolve is key to future success. The digital transformation of businesses and public sector has been a focus in recent years with many organisations turning inwards to address the needs of employees and internal workings.

Organisations now have an opportunity to transform the way they work for the better however smarter workspaces are already a reality for many organisations. These organisations aimed to create efficient workspaces centred around people but facilitated by technology. In this eBook we look at how organisations can enable employees to create a smart workspace at home.

What are the critical challenges in remote working?

    • Confidentiality
      • Something as simple as locking a computer when taking a break will prevent strategic plans, personal databases or profit and loss statements being seen by third parties living under the same roof.
    • Home discipline and routines
      • Human resources departments should make an effort to care for the health of employees, and this includes recommendations on how to disconnect from work.
    • New platforms, new communication
      • In some cases, we’re blind to each other’s stress and we can be annoying. With so many messages it can be easy for things to be missed or misunderstood.
    • Project and delivery management
      • There are many task management platforms, as well as methods to organise tasks in order to meet deadlines. In any case, organising a production and delivery schedule, as well as encouraging proper time management, is a challenge for many.
    • Excesses and defects
      • There are remote workers who won’t leave their seats until the job is done. There are others for whom the bark of a neighbour’s dog or a roommate’s noise will distract them.

Find out how to manage and tackle these challenges by reading the Remote Working ebook.

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