A recent Quocirca1 article listed touchless technology as one of the top trends in the post COVID-19 workplace, essential in mitigating future virus transmission risk.

As more and more companies begin the transition back to the workplace, we have seen an increasing demand for touchless printing solutions, from the use of proximity cards to printing from smart phones.

Below we have outlined various ways in which we can help you to return to a safer working environment:

  • If you have not already implemented a secure print solution, this should be considered to prevent paper being unnecessarily printed and handled. Additionally, with the use of proximity cards (which can be your door entry card) or even a smart phone, the front panel does not need to be touched. ASL can even implement this on a trial basis.
  • If you have a secure print solution, but use other methods such as pin numbers to release documents, ASL can help you switch to proximity card or smart phone release.
  • Many devices are hidden away in small areas which by nature prevent social distancing. You should consider moving these devices into an area of the office that is visible to all and easily accessible. ASL can help you with this move and ensure that the set-up is completed correctly so that the device continues to perform at its best.

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