You will not be surprised to hear that technology is drastically changing the face of managed print services in the digital age. From intelligent software speeding things up to reducing costs and even supporting green initiatives, companies can really benefit from the enhanced printing technologies available today.

We believe managed print services to be the most effective way to boost the efficiency of your business.

Still not convinced? We show you how.

1. It saves you time

The most obvious, and potentially one of the most important ways printing technology has changed the face of the managed print services business is the reduction in time wasted. With print queue software, employees have to head to the printer and manually trigger their document to print. This not only reduces physical queues and time wasting, it also cuts down on paper as employees are less likely to print so frivolously when they have to activate the print themselves each time. Queuing software also prevents printers from making errors or causing interruptions when printing.

2. It can deliver analytics

Gone are the days of draining funds with paper and printing costs. With intelligent analytical software, it is possible to know your company’s printing habits in fine detail in order to figure out where you are going right and wrong. Using the unique ASL Group service dashboard, our managed print services enable business owners to get detailed results, measured on a daily basis, with a view to improve printer security and reduce misuse. ASL make sure to understand the document processes within your business in order to determine how you can perform at your most efficient, regularly reporting on areas of improvement.

3. Convenient connections

With Google Cloud Printing, you can now eliminate hours spent with your IT department attempting to link up devices to printers. With The Cloud, you will enjoy a much faster installation time and better connection, allowing your business to run on a variety of hardware, all linked to the same print station.

4. Better customer service

Technology means that we are finally able to provide customers with round the clock care. We offer a bespoke out of hours service and monitor devices on a daily basis, replenishing materials as and when required, without the need to pay attention to your supply.

5. Unique hardware

From high-quality printers to 3D printing and duplicator printing machines, there are plenty of high speed, low cost and state of the art options available. Printing at a speed of 180 pages per minute, duplicator printers will save you more time than any other printer, so if your business requires lots of paper to function, these are just the thing to keep costs down and performance up.

For advice on the best software for your business and how the latest technology in managed print services can improve your efficiency and budgeting, get in touch with us at ASL to discuss our managed print services today.

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