From start-up companies to long-established businesses, there’s something that no office can do without – and that’s the supplies needed to keep their business running from day to day. With so many different products and options out there, it can be difficult to know what’s a must and what’s just ‘nice to have’ when it comes to your supplies cupboard. Our complete guide will hopefully open your eyes to all the basics needed to keep your workplace running smoothly. Read on to find out more.

Start with stationery


It may be obvious, but in this increasingly digital age, who hasn’t found themselves scrabbling for one of the increasingly illusive pens in the office whenever you need to write something down on paper? The basics of any office is a well-stocked stationery cupboard, with all you need for your staff to do their jobs and keep everything running smoothly.

Writing implements are a must, and whether you opt for the basic biro or personalised products, a steady supply is essential for practically anyone in a desk job. Even printed content can need annotations and adaptions, and adding highlighters to your purchase list will ensure that keeping track of changes and updates is easy. Very few offices are entirely paperless, so to keep that printed or written paper in check, hole punchers and staplers are also essential.

There is a wide variety of desktop stationery you might require, but start with the basics first and work your way up. It can be easy to get carried away with a wide variety of pens, papers and more, but a simple stock of those necessary goods, including notepads, something to write with and the ubiquitous post-it can put you in a good place to start.



paper storage

Supply storage

With the average office producing a significant amount of paper-based work on a weekly or monthly basis, especially in accounting or HR-based roles, having access to abundant storage is a must for just about any workplace. Not only does this fall into line with many business practices of storing information for a certain amount of time, but it also allows for easy organisation of anything from printed documents to received letters and more.

Filing cabinets, lockable cupboards and even storage units can provide the space you need to store all that critical information and data, but as for the less physical and more digital side of office management, a certain amount of on-site storage might also be required. This might be in the form of external drives, specialised servers and more.

When it comes to ensuring you have a suitable range of office supplies for your staff, storage needs being met is a must. Not only is this good practice for any business, but in some companies, it’s also a legal requirement – with sensitive or personal data being kept under lock and key at all times.


Must-have machines

print management system

No modern office can run without the machines needed to do day-to-day tasks. With the contemporary office more digital than ever before, a considerable part of your office supplies list is likely to be taken over by these virtual requirements, from laptops and PCs to phone systems and printing and photocopying. When it comes to running an active and productive office, all of these technologies are a must – and it’s equally as important to know what you need to keep that machinery up and running in the long term too.

For computers and software, IT support can provide you with a way to maintain these office supplies and keep them running for longer too. For printing and photocopying, opting for a managed print service can allow you to pick the best machine for the job based on your requirements, and with ASL Group this fixed cost includes reduced prices for consumables such as ink – which is a must to keep an office running like clockwork, as well as maintenance.

It’s important to consider what your machinery will need as part of your office supplies too – from the correct type of printing and photocopying paper to the cables and wires required to connect laptops to screens or monitors, and even spare kit to ensure that should something go wrong, you always have a backup.


Creature comforts

office consumables

The office isn’t an all work, no play environment – there’s always an opportunity to grab a coffee or a cup of tea, have a chat with your desk neighbours and take a lunch break in comfort. These elements are all key to the success of a workplace, and utilising your office supplies for the happiness of your staff is just as important as ensuring productivity.

From tea and coffee supplies to ergonomic, comfortable chairs, comfort is an important factor you shouldn’t forget from your office supplies plan – and while it might not be the most essential part of the list, it’s undoubtedly the most enjoyable for everyone involved.

Planning your office supplies? If you’re in need of an excellent print management service for printing and photocopying, ASL Group has the expertise to make your life easier. Contact us today to find out more about our tailor-made service.