In the past, leasing equipment has had a bad press. But times are changing and leasing equipment such as printers, fax machines, and IT hardware provides the perfect solution for businesses to navigate the constantly changing demands placed on them.

Traditionally, the lack of ownership has deterred businesses from leasing equipment, instead, placing too much focus on asset value. But assets devalue.  Digital innovation means hardware and equipment now become outdated faster than ever before.

Supply chains have become more complicated. JIT manufacturing, lengthier travel times and global distribution all mean that businesses are expected to be more agile than ever before. And competition no longer comes from a business on the other side of the town. Globalisation means businesses compete with organisations all around the world for customers spread around the globe.

Demand is also more volatile. Global media audiences mean influence is greater than ever before. Even small budget productions can go viral, meaning that demand can unexpectedly pick up in an instant if your marketing team hit that sweet spot.

Businesses need to be able to boost demand or reduce demand in an instant to remain competitive. Leasing enables organisations to do this with minimal complexity and cost. Here are just a few reasons why businesses love leasing:

5 reasons why leasing equipment is good for your business

  1. Pay only for what you need. If the demand’s there, the equipment and resources can be too, but when it’s not, you won’t be stuck with burdensome overheads, or the need to find storage space.
  2. Benefit from the latest technology with easy upgrades. Without capital investment, it’s easier to change the equipment you lease to ensure it fulfils your needs at every stage of your organisation’s life.
  3. At ASL, you can choose your equipment from a wide range of leading manufacturers. But with one uniform fleet of technology, bought into at the same time, running your equipment becomes easier and maintenance and servicing becomes more manageable. For example, with one type of printer cartridge or fax toner for your entire fleet, you’ll waste less, reduce admin time and minimise storage requirements for the different consumables.
  4. Servicing options are often provided by lease companies, meaning it’s easier to maintain a regular servicing schedule for improved performance and efficiency from your fleet.
  5. Lastly, leasing enables you to always benefit from the very latest models, without unwelcome CapEx spikes, so you can predict and manage your budgets effectively.

There are plenty more reasons to lease your business equipment and hardware infrastructure. If you’d like to find out more about the business benefits to your operations, budget and output, contact us or visit our website at ASL Flex | ASL Group (