Microsoft have confirmed that they will no longer support any technical issues or release updates for Windows 7 as of January, 2020.

This will have a dramatic effect on some organisations as 34% percent of the global population using Microsoft devices are still relying on windows 7 as their preferred operating system according to Kollective’s research.

Why the End of Windows 7?

Windows 7 does not meet the requirement of today’s technology nor the security requirements of General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and IT departments. Therefore, by using Windows 7, you are leaving your business vulnerable.

The future is Windows 10!

Windows 10

Advanced Security Features

Security is vital in today’s environments with GDPR and increased cyber-attacks, so it’s important to ensure your business is protected. Windows 10 has a variety of advanced security features that offers protection against cyber and other attacks. These protective measures consist of:

  • Windows Defender Applications
  • Application Guard
  • Device Guard
  • Exploit Guard
  • Credential Guard
  • Windows Defender Smart Scan
  • User Account Control
  • Microsoft Bitlocker


Windows 10 provides frequent security and software updates to ensure all your files are continuously secure and working to it’s full potential. This allows businesses to have the speed of innovation to best suit their business needs.

Improved Search Facility

If you have a habit of misplacing documents, this feature is perfect for you. Windows 10 has improved it’s search facility to make finding those misplaced documents a lot easier.

User Experience

Windows 10 produces an all-round better experience for businesses who want to remain productive and efficient. The design is laid in a way that makes all files and data easy to access and gives the user the option to personalise the look and feel to the way you like it.


Windows 10 is compatible with most existing software applications & hardware – In most cases, whatever you have running on Windows 7, can work on Windows 10 with better speed and efficiency.


Windows 10 includes your own personal computer assistant named Cortana. Talking to Cortana can help you with everyday tasks:

  • Personalise your home with relevant news and events
  • Learn preferences to add to your notebook
  • Send you reminders
  • Improve search capabilities
  • Compose emails
  • Browser assistant
  • Sync to multiple devices

Interested in Finding Out More About Windows 10 or How Windows 7 Will Affect Your Business?

Windows 7 will still be usable after the deadline. However, it will lack in recent security features and compatibility with software due to there being no support. It’s best to upgrade while you still have the option.

We can implement Windows 10 to all devices within your organisation and provide you with all the in’s and out’s to how it works. For more information, click here or on the button below to contact us today.

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