Organisations who are looking to outsource their document printing and storage need to ensure the company they choose has the right credentials. From a single device to a multi-site, multi-user environment, a managed print services provider offers a tailored service for the modern business.

Here are some top tips on what to look out for in a managed print services provider:

    • Scalability. Can the managed print services provider you’ve chosen grow with your business? You may be small now but, if in five years you plan to double your workload, you need a managed print service provider who can grow with you.


    • Ability to source hardware. You are busy growing your company and managing workflow, you don’t have the time or knowledge of the market to source hardware. Using a managed print services provider who can source the hardware for you will ultimately save you time and money.


    • Impartiality. A managed print services provider will offer you advice that is bespoke to you and is tailored to your business, regardless of incentive schemes offered by hardware manufacturers.


    • Provision of real-time data access. A managed print services provider will ensure you have complete visibility of the management of your network so you know when hardware is offline, when it will be fixed, where your consumables are and when they’ll be delivered, all in real time. And you won’t have to worry about running out of toner or ink!


    • Maintenance agreements. Ensure your managed print services provider will maintain your hardware so you don’t have to worry about it.


    • Ability to review your processes. A managed print services provider can help you save money by reviewing your existing workflow. Printer down time is minimised and close management of printers can help reduce paper usage. Managed print services can also reduce the amount of time an IT team spend on printer related problems.


  • Environmental awareness. Good managed print services providers look for ways to cut down on waste by using advanced printers and functions. These printers have features that can reduce waste by restricting the use of colour or print on both sides of the paper. Eco print settings, for example, could use up to 50% less ink than standard.

Once chosen there are many benefits in using a manged print services provider:

    1. Save time and improve efficiency


    1. Reduce costs and save money


    1. Improve productivity in your organisation


    1. Reduce capital expenditure and improve cashflow


    1. Reduce your environmental footprint


  1. Improve your information security


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