What are managed IT services?

When you take on Managed IT services, you’re essentially getting the services of an outsourced IT department. Whether it’s setting up user profiles, removing obsolete log ins, patching software or securing networks, your IT system needs constant care and attention. By outsourcing this, you can be confident that you have someone helping to keep your IT working seamlessly while you focus on driving your business forward.

The obvious option is often to employ an IT manager or department. However, for some businesses, this isn’t practical. They may not have the physical space, the workload to warrant additional overheads or the budget to recruit full time staff and, for these businesses it makes complete sense to enlist the support of a Managed IT Services provider.

Who uses managed IT services?

With so many reasons to use Managed IT Services, it makes complete sense that the businesses that use them range from solopreneurs that just need to keep their data secure and their software up-to-date to medium sized businesses who have to keep on top of user profiles and ensure ongoing compliance with local regulations such as GDPR.

Even some larger companies with the resources for an inhouse IT team may choose to outsource their IT services to a Managed IT services provider such as ASL to benefit from their expertise. With so many facets of IT management, it’s rare that a single person would have all the skills needed to effectively manage an IT network for an organisation. By outsourcing this service, organisations can benefit from additional skillsets and expertise in the management of their IT solutions.

What are the benefits of using Managed IT Services?

  • Benefit from a broader set of expertise
  • Reduce costs by sharing IT services overheads with other organisations
  • Cash-in on IT support when you need it, and avoid paying for it when you don’t
  • Have confidence your IT is being managed effectively so you can focus on your key business goals
  • Take advantage of expertise in IT niches such as software management, user logins, network architecture etc
  • Benefit from better offers on hire purchase or rental of hardware as a result of economies of scale

When should I use Managed IT Services?

There are so many reasons to use Managed IT Services and so many benefits to using them. Outsourcing your IT management could really help if you would like confidence and peace of mind that you’re:

  • Getting value for money on your IT hardware investments
  • Able to maintain your IT networks and devices effectively to minimise the potential for malicious attacks
  • Operating with systems that are reliable and robust
  • Only paying for the IT support time that you need.

However, don’t take my work for it. Give us a call on  0345 2077000 and speak to an advisor for more information about how outsourcing your IT services to a Managed services provider could save you money and safeguard your IT systems.