According to Cisco, there are 5 quintillion bytes of data produced every single day.

Data and the files that contain it drive businesses processes day and night. The more we learn, the more technology evolves, the more data we need, and the more data we produce. This cycle means that this volume of daily data creation is only going to snowball.

However, without managing this data effectively, storing it appropriately, tagging it and classifying it, your digital data is just as likely to get lost in a data blizzard as printed documents of the past. It’s essential, not just for data retrieval but also data security, and regulatory compliance that data is processed and managed efficiently and effectively.

Designing and establishing data management workflows involves work. Establishing categories and classifications, policies and procedures, user-rights and profiles. It all takes time.

However, managed document services can take this continual pressure off of your hands, ensuring that processes are established, implemented and followed to enable greater usability of data and regulatory compliance.

Imagine this …

You use managed document services. It’s ticking along nicely, organising and cataloguing data files for each of your 1000 employees. Then you land a big contract. The company takes on a couple more salespeople.

You need your managed document services to accommodate them without having to change solutions or providers. Realistically, with 1,000 users, a couple more users won’t make a dramatic difference. But then the company takes over a competitor and almost doubles its staff overnight.

Literally, overnight, you need to be able to begin categorising and classifying the data of these new employees too. You want managed document services that can accommodate these additional users. Your costs increase because you’re paying per user, but that’s ok because you are still using each licence you are paying for.

However, six months on, the company consolidates the two workforces, reducing its workforce by 1/3. If you don’t have a scalable managed document service solution, you’re now stuck paying for many users that you don’t need.

Why companies need scalable managed document services

The point is, companies are living and breathing things. They grow, they lose weight, they can be healthy and unhealthy. Effective managed data is a key pillar of health for the business, but it needs to be able to respond to the size of the business too, and even those with the very best 5-year plans find that sometimes a surprise opportunity comes from out of nowhere and a business needs to be able to react to this. Scalable managed document services make this possible.

Scalable managed document services don’t restrict your growth or penalise you for efficiency.

ASL’s managed document services

ASL provides scalable managed document services to empower you to grow, free from the fear of over-commitment. You see, by being flexible with our customers, we enable them to remain agile enough to respond to the market.

For more information on how ASL can support your business with its scalable managed document services, whether your business is growing or is still waiting for that major growth opportunity, call us today on 0345 207 7000 today.

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