Today, people in business are time poor. With more data than ever being produced and used, needing to filed, recalled, cleaned and deleted, data management is taking up more time than ever.  As automation and digitisation evolve, they offer new ways that we can save time and money by automating digital workflows.

Despite this obvious need for time saving and economising solutions for businesses to remain competitive, there are still many businesses that haven’t unlocked the true benefits of digital workflows. Here are a few stats about digital workflows that might surprise you.

  1. Business leaders spend 3-4 hours a day on manual administrative tasks. (Source: West Monroe)
  2. 2/3 of employees believe they waste time at work. (Source:
  3. 41% of sole traders are missing out on big benefits by not embracing digital workflows. (Source: ServiceNow)
  4. In fact, there are 5.7 million workers in the UK in financial services, customer services, IT, legal, HR and facilities management, who could benefit from intelligent digital workflows.
  5. Intelligent digital workflow automation could increase productivity by 20%. (Source:  ServiceNow)
  6. Digitisation could increase the profitability of sole traders by an extra £24,000 per year. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  7. In fact, digital workflows could deliver the UK economy a “productivity dividend” of £64.6bn. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  8. 99% of SMEs and charities are now online and embracing the benefits of digital working. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  9. Almost 1/3 of charities now use Cloud-based IT systems, enabling them to reduce CapEx and improve maintenance and security of their systems. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  10. An impressive 30% of SMEs feel well equipped to protect their customers from online fraud and scams. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  11. However, around one million SMEs are still missing out on; productivity gains, cost savings, and crucially, a better work-life balance. (Source: Lloyds Bank)
  12. By not using digital workflows, they are literally giving away one day per working week. (Source: Lloyds Bank)

Can you afford to be giving away up to one day per working week? What else could you do with that time? Maybe it’s time to digitise those workflows with managed document services.

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