We’re three-quarters of the way through 2019 and, already this year the Managed Print market has seen a lot of changes. But what are the factors driving these changes?

Securing networks against IoT targeted attacks

According to Kaspersky Lab, the first half of 2018 saw IoT devices (often referred to as smart gadgets) attacked by over 120,000 modifications of malware (300% more than seen in 2017).

As the IoT market has increased, particularly among printers and multi-function printers, there’s an increased focus on IT security. Attacks aren’t solely carried out to access personal data that can be used or sold. They can also be enlisted as access points to a network.

This increasing appeal of Internet of Things devices as criminal targets means that, over the course of the year, It’s become increasingly important that Managed Print Service Providers patch, manage and maintain devices regularly, protecting against vulnerabilities as soon as they become aware of them.

The Cloud is increasing in popularity

The market is also dramatically changing shape as the Cloud results in an increasing trend toward digitisation. From both a sustainability and a security perspective the trend towards moving data online means substantial change is afoot for managed print service providers as they find themselves under increasing pressure to offer managed document services alongside their print services. However, it’s likely to take those providers who are new to the market time to catch up with those more established in the cloud document management market.

Big data continues to be the next big thing

Whilst some Managed Print Services are already using Big Data, the capacity in which data is being used is still only touching on the potential that big data can offer to the Managed Print Services Industry.

Cloud-based data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will all do their bit to enable Managed Document Service providers to offer their customers improved service, greater efficiencies, enhanced scalability, and more generous economies of scale.

We share data with our customers to help them better understand their workflow processes, and we use data on how workflows are being used to make recommendations on more cost-effective workflows. There are still lots of opportunities that haven’t as yet been realised, and in due course, managed print service providers will embrace Big Data to further streamline and even boost the efficiencies and sustainability of their clients.

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