What are managed print services?

Managed Print Services involves the outsourcing of your printing needs. From designing the network to acquiring the hardware, through to servicing, maintenance and even the safe disposal of printing equipment when it reaches end-of-life.

With a dedicated print management service team running your printing function, often shared with other companies of similar size, you can benefit from dedicated 24/7 commitment to your print management without having to find the budget. However, many companies put off switching to a print management provider such as ASL and miss out on the savings and benefits that can result. More often the reasons behind the reluctance are the same. So, if you’re thinking print management services could be the way forward for you, read on and in this article, we’ll dispel some of the myths around using managed print services.

The 3 Myths of Managed Print Services

Myth #1

“We’ll be pushed into subscribing to a specific manufacturer based on profit rather than capabilities.”

At ASL, we’ve been working with clients to manage their print for over 20 years and much of our business comes from repeat business and recommendations. This is because our customers are really happy with the hardware we provide.

When we start to work with a customer, we sit with them and take time to understand exactly what they want and need, and then we look at our wide range of providers and the makes and models they offer to find printing equipment that fits their needs. You can read more about the many different printing partners we work with in our blog ‘Our Printer and Copier Manufacturing Partners and the Tech That Sits Behind Their Success’

Myth #2

“We’ll be tied in to service agreements which means we’ll have to wait for an engineer to visit rather than find one with availability.”

At ASL, we have teams of engineers that will come out and take a look at the equipment if they need to, and we have regional service centres around the UK to ensure that there’s always someone with the right know-how nearby.

We guarantee a same-day response on all of our printing equipment too.

However, the jewel in our crown is our Midlands-based call centre and help desk staffed with fully trained professionals who can usually carry out troubleshooting remotely. This means many of our fixes are almost immediate. This set-up is crucial in our ability to achieve an impressive 98.8% uptime across all our network.

Myth #3

“We already use a specific brand of hardware and changing will mean we have no idea how to use the new printing equipment.”

Of course, change is always tricky, but it’s not a bad thing. Changing when it makes sense to do so can save you money, improve efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. When you use ASL Managed Print Services, our fully trained team will get all your new printing systems up and running (even if that includes remote printing capabilities) and provide full training to your administrators so that switching is a breeze. Post installation, our call centre is on hand for any other questions, concerns or issues that may crop up, so you’re never on your own.

For more information on our Managed Print Services, visit our website at https://asl-group.co.uk/managed-print-services/ or contact us on 0345 207 7000.