Many companies find themselves juggling a fleet of legacy printers, scanners, and even filing cabinets; One printer in admin, one in HR, one in accounts for all those invoices that need printing, and two in sales, one of which is a bit temperamental.

However, technology has moved on.

You can now liberate yourself from complicated error messages, maintenance when a machine reaches crisis point, and even confusing stock control management. And, whilst you are doing that, you can save money too.

In fact, we reckon that switching to our Managed Document Services could be a great way for you to start reducing costs, saving as much as 30%. That’s 30% of your admin budget that could be spent on driving new sales, updating the website, or boosting your headcount.

Here’s how you could start reducing costs with Managed Document Services (MDS):

1. More efficient stock control

With a printer at every port (or department), ensuring each department has sufficient paper, toner and ink can be a logistical complication that has to be managed.

The Accounts department may be hogging the toner, whilst sales are all out. Logistics could be sitting on a stash of ink, whilst the machine it was ordered for was ‘retired’ out of service several years ago. All this equates to money tied up ineffectively and one big logistical headache.

By centralising printing and output through managed document services, you can make stock control much easier. With everything in one place, you can keep track of your stock levels and ensure that when supplies dwindle, you can place an order just in time – although at ASL, we can even do that for you.

2. More effective budgeting

You can never know when hardware is going to have a temperamental moment, but when it packs up and you can’t print that contract, we really feel the pressure rising . With Managed Document Services, a monthly payment or lease option for the equipment you need, when you need it, means you can budget a much more manageable monthly fee and avoid unexpected capital expenditure spikes.

3. Don’t worry about maintenance

Equipment that is maintained regularly will last longer, be more reliable, and with updates and patches applied and managed, will also be more secure. With Managed Document Services, expert technicians can carry out regular maintenance on your equipment – before it reaches crisis point.

4. Enhance your security

Managed Document Services doesn’t just cover centralised printing. It involves the whole document management process, including storage and security. That means you can meet those security standards, and the crippling non-compliance penalties, without an additional administrative burden.

5. Improve workforce efficiency

Centralised document management also means that, with fewer machines to pay for and maintain, and more accessible payment plans, offices can benefit from faster, larger printing and copying equipment. These days, many of these come with a touch-screen interface, making them easy to use too. So faster machines that are easier to use mean less time wasted waiting for print outs, and fewer queues at the printer.

If you want to find out how you could be saving time and reducing costs with Managed Document Services, chat with us online or give us a call on 0345 207 7000 today.