From the moment data is produced, it costs us money: storage, protection, sharing, printing. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed the costs of your document management systems, choosing ASL for your managed document services could save you money – and in more ways than you imagined.

On average, companies that use ASL for their managed document solutions save more than 30% on their document management costs.

These are just the financial savings though. In addition to this, there are environmental savings, time savings and security improvements to be had from working with ASL.

With each new customer we begin working with, we take a 5-stage approach to identify document output costs and locate opportunities to reduce waste and save cash on their existing document management systems.

First we analyse your current workflow process, then we design an alternative model that will save your business time and money, then we work with you to implement the process and manage it, before tweaking it to ensure it’s delivering the optimal results for your business.

So, back to the financial savings – here are just a few of the ways that working with ASL will cut the amount of money you spend on your document workflow.

1.      Ensuring you’re only paying for the document storage you need.

Data storage has evolved, answering demand. We all had paper files in filing cabinets. Then digital data came along. Then we were told we should be backing up data to protect our business continuity in the event of data loss. Before we knew it, our data had increased exponentially with the same, basic data storage solutions we’ve always used.

The result of this is that companies now find that they are spending the same on storing the company secrets as we are on the outdated canteen menu from 2002.

ASL help you to find ways to ensure your confidential data is kept more securely, whilst that out-of-date canteen menu, can be recalled and deleted.

In doing this, we can ensure you’re only paying for the storage you need.

2.      Maintaining a healthy printer fleet

By keeping your printer fleet in tip-top condition, you reduce the regularity with which they need replacement and the frequency with which your printers are offline. We’ll even procure the equipment you need on your behalf, so you can be confident in buying high quality equipment for a good price.

3.      Empowering smarter purchasing strategies

By remotely managing your ink supply demands, we reduce the number of knee-jerk ink purchases that can cost over the odds. By managing ink procurement more effectively, it’s possible to save money through more cost-efficient suppliers and to ensure that the right components and cartridges are purchased at the right time and for the right printers, ensuring less wastage and less purchases made in error.

There are many more ways that we save money on your document workflow too, but why don’t you head to our website and chat with us or give us a call on 0345 305 2603 and let us see how we can help you save money on your document management systems.

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