Assessment, optimisation and ongoing management of the managed print environment

The idea of auditing printers is often targeted at reducing the number of desktop devices and redirecting volumes to new MFP devices. In looking at a totally managed print environment, ASL understand that desktop printers may also be an integral part of office printing requirements.

In our assessment process we carry out a comprehensive audit of all current devices including location and print volumes. The information is translated into presentation format in order to show a complete picture of the current work-flow. The intention of the assessment is to report all aspects of the existing set up. Device metrics highlight the number of different types of devices in use which then translates into how much stock is required in the toner store cupboard, which can be another source of waste as devices get replaced.

Optimisation then involves proposals for ASL to introduce a fully managed print environment. This can be an ideal opportunity to cull the existing fleet of printing devices but where devices are justified, we then provide new desktop devices with both mono and/or full colour features in a compact, high speed, duplex, networked unit. This is in conjunction with strategically located MFP devices which offer larger paper sizes along with copying, scan to email/folder, fax and print and release features.

ASL supply new high specification desktop printers which, wherever possible, are networked. We then operate a supported service in a similar manner to MFP devices whereby service, breakdowns and consumables are included in a single page print cost. The benefits of this type of installation have been proven having regard to cost reduction, functionality and visibility.

The ongoing management aspect includes the introduction of PaperCut software which will allow for the implementation of ‘rules based printing’ and print monitoring. This will initially quantify and report print volumes as they currently stand and allow for a repeat of these reports in order for us to understand changes within the printing environment. The intention of reducing printing costs will then bring an environmental benefit as a matter of course.

In conclusion, when we first look at introducing a managed print service, we work with our customers to review current working practices and how they will be impacted by any subsequent changes. We believe that by working together toward a measured and sustainable installation, we will be able to achieve our mutual goal of a fully integrated, cost effective, managed print environment.

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