Photocopiers are essential items of equipment for most offices and business users, but the costs associated with buying a photocopier can be off-putting, to say the least. There are alternatives to going down the route of buying your new photocopier, for example photocopier lease may well prove a more viable and cost-effective option.

Photocopier lease provides a variety of benefits and helps spread the costs of an upmarket modern machine, making it more affordable to move up to a more technologically advanced copier to enhance your business operations. Leasing is an effective form of financing major equipment for any business and offers significant advantages over purchasing when applied to photocopiers and other major office equipment.

Advantages of leasing photocopiers

Some of the principal advantages you’ll find when considering photocopier lease are discussed below:

1. Use state of the art machinery

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Buying a photocopier may be a bad business decision as models can be obsolete within a short period of time, meaning you’ve paid out a large sum of money for a product which is no longer suitable for your requirements or does not perform at the optimum levels required by your growing business. Taking your new photocopier on lease terms helps you plan your budget by cutting out any commitment for a major, upfront purchase and reduces your payment to a more manageable and smaller regular outgoing.

2. Tax-deductible

Your photocopier lease payments are fully tax deductible, meaning your company benefits from claiming back the total amount paid for the photocopier, whether you pay monthly or annually. You will just need to enter the photocopier lease payments into your accounts as a legitimate business expense. If you go ahead with purchasing your photocopier, it will need to be entered into the accounts as a capital item, which means you can only claim back a percentage of the total cost in depreciation every year.

3. Easy upgrades

Reducing Print Waste

Your leased photocopier will feature the very latest technologies and, what’s more, you’ll be able to upgrade the machine and trade up to a new model or a copier which operates at higher speeds and volumes if required. If you buy your own photocopier it will depreciate in value and you’ll need to buy your next new model when it becomes obsolete.

4. Save resources

Locking your business capital into an expensive photocopier purchase is not a good use of resources. It makes far more sense to use your capital for business expansion or to purchase business equipment that will appreciate in value over the long term. Leasing your photocopier allows you to reserve business capital for other business opportunities.

5. ROI

Your lease copier provides a return on investment via increased productivity levels, higher print quality and cost savings due to affordable payments. The latest technological advances will be incorporated into your new, leased photocopier, making it cheaper to run on a daily basis due to reduced electrical resource requirements and copying speeds will be faster to maximise employee efficiency within your business.

6. Maintenance

If you buy your own photocopier you will need to pay for regular maintenance and repairs when it breaks down and may be tempted to cut corners by using less reputable engineers and mechanics. With a lease copier you will generally find maintenance and regular services are included within the lease agreement and qualified engineers will ensure the smooth running of your machine at all times. This can save your business a good deal of expense and time over the long term and ensure your photocopier is always available for business use. Trained and knowledgeable customer support agents employed by your leasing company may also be available to talk you through ongoing photocopier issues and breakdown problems you are experiencing with the machine.

7. Multi-functionality

Modern photocopiers are multi-functional machines, giving users all the advantages of the most recent technology, including scanning, faxing, pdf writing, document management and colour printing. Your new, lease copier will be an asset to the office and can be used to replace a variety of obsolete machines and equipment.

ASL Group provides a range of print solutions to businesses of any size. Contact our sales team to discuss more ways in which leasing your photocopier will prove beneficial to your business.