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How to hire a printer in London

For many businesses, one of their largest expenses tends to come from the creation and circulation of documents and papers; whether they are for advertising and marketing purposes such as flyers and business cards, internal memos, or simply resources needed for the company. The value of paper-based resources In this [...]

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Should you buy or lease your photocopier?

Photocopiers have been an essential part of the office since the first Xerox models began appearing in the late 1960s. Almost every office in the world now has one, and today’s multifunctional devices do everything from printing and photocopying to scanning. Businesses often give some thought as to how and [...]

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How photocopiers changed the way we work

From their creation in the fifties to their consistent use in today’s modern offices, the humble photocopier is an essential item that businesses simply could not operate without. Transcending the office environment, photocopiers even helped to transform the world of politics and art in the 20th century, providing people with [...]

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How to lease a copier from ASL Group

Is your business considering a leasing arrangement for its photocopiers? There are plenty of good reasons to do so, including: 1. The cost savings that come from having an affordable monthly leasing payment rather than a large, single capital purchase expense on your books, followed by regular servicing, maintenance and [...]

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The benefits of leasing photocopiers

Photocopiers are essential items of equipment for most offices and business users, but the costs associated with buying a photocopier can be off-putting, to say the least. There are alternatives to going down the route of buying your new photocopier, for example photocopier lease may well prove a more viable [...]

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