How FileStar can simplify your Document Management

In a modern economy where gaining a competitive edge is more important than ever, companies across the corporate sector are looking to set themselves apart from other firms in their industry in any way possible. As such, the increasing use of digital platforms and technological solutions for age-old problems has [...]

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Have you considered printers in your GDPR strategy?

With the modern world becoming increasingly digitised and relying on technological solutions, the issue of data protection has become more and more important. Over the past few years, there has been a growing number of security breaches and data thefts that have rocked major organisations around the world. However, governments [...]

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How your office can benefit from a large format printer

  For many business owners, the deciding of fixtures and fittings for the workspace can often be one headache you would rather do without. Equipment such as printers, faxes and scanners are all crucial elements of the setup, but can cause issues with regards to sourcing, pricing, installation and maintenance. [...]

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How to hire a printer in London

For many businesses, one of their largest expenses tends to come from the creation and circulation of documents and papers; whether they are for advertising and marketing purposes such as flyers and business cards, internal memos, or simply resources needed for the company.   The value of paper-based resources In [...]

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The complete guide to office supplies

From start-up companies to long-established businesses, there's something that no office can do without - and that's the supplies needed to keep their business running from day to day. With so many different products and options out there, it can be difficult to know what's a must and what's just [...]

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How Managed Print Services can cut costs

When it comes to the purchase, care and maintenance for your in-office printers or copiers, it can be challenging to keep track internally of precisely what needs to be done to keep your systems running smoothly. But when it comes to office services, productivity isn't the only factor - there's [...]

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Should you buy or lease your photocopier?

Photocopiers have been an essential part of the office since the first Xerox models began appearing in the late 1960s. Almost every office in the world now has one, and today’s multifunctional devices do everything from copying to printing to scanning. Businesses often give some thought as to how and [...]

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How much value can Managed Print Services add to your business?

How much value can Managed Print Services add to your business? In today's tough economic climate, managers are increasingly looking for ways to add value to their businesses, especially when it comes to large overheads such as essential printing costs. Printing is an expense which places significant demands on a [...]

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