How to Reduce Print Waste


Even though we live in an ever more digital world, there are still times where only paper will do. Whether it’s an important contract that has to be signed or a vital memo, there will always be times where an office printer is necessary. But how do you avoid print waste at work? In this post, we’ll be looking at the some of the best ways to ensure your office cuts waste, becoming more streamlined.


Double-sided printing

One of the easiest ways to reduce office printer waste at work is to print double-sided documents. Unless you are printing an official document, there is no need to have single-sided prints. Around two-thirds of all printers are duplex capable, yet in the US, the duplexing rate has been shown to be only 15%. By just simply editing your settings before printing a document, you have the opportunity to cut your company’s paper usage in half, which would save money and any recycling fees.




Be green in meetings

To cut back on unnecessary paper, why not make meeting notes, minutes, and agendas on cloud-based programs like Google Drive and Dropbox. This is obviously different if you’re hosting a meeting with an external client or pitching to a business, as you may need something in front of you to refer to. But if it’s just a regular every day meeting, then printing multiple sheets of paper can be very wasteful. If you are going to print meeting notes, ensure you perform a double-sided print to cut back on the number of pages used. You can also make more reference documents and forms available as PDFs stored in a common folder so that they are only printed when necessary.




Prevent accidental printing

Have you ever gone to print something and either printed too many copies than was necessary, or sent it to some unknown office printer within the building, with the document never being seen again? This has the potential to waste an untold amount of paper, contributing to higher costs for your company. So, to be a smarter printer, you should always check that you’re printing the correct number of copies, and always know exactly where your document is heading. This way, you know that you aren’t causing higher operating costs.

Invest in managed print services

The final, and best way to avoid any print waste at work, would be to implement a managed print service available at ASL Group. This provides a number of benefits including, but not limited to:


  • Improved office printer security and reduced misuse
  • Reduced paper usage
  • More predictable costs through constant monitoring



Collectively, these benefit your company’s bottom line, ensuring that you aren’t wasting money, whether that’s because the wrong people are accessing your office printer or your staff aren’t printing efficiently. Another benefit of managed print services is that your IT team will spend less time on printer-related issues, freeing them up to spend time on more important parts of your company’s infrastructure.

With these simple solutions, you have the opportunity to dramatically cut printer waste at work, potentially saving your company a lot of money on unneeded paper.


ASL Print Waste Reduction


For advice on the best office printer hardware for your business, and how managed document services can improve your productivity, your bottom line, and your carbon footprint, get in touch with our sales team here. ASL Group are a managed document solutions company, who streamline and improve the print operations of their clients: