When you have visibility on how users are printing, why they are printing and where they are printing, you can understand work-flow processes better. And, all this managed print service data can help you gain better control.

Advanced Managed Print Services open up a whole world of statistics and business analytics that can enable you to improve the efficiencies of stocks and processes within your business.

Here are just three of the key ways you can use managed print service data to drive down costs and improve efficiencies in your business.

1. Understand user printer behaviour

By seeing who is printing, how often they hit the print button, and how many copies they make, you can get inside the mind of the user.

You can understand whether they are staunch hard-copy enthusiasts who print off everything, right down to the menu for the canteen (despite bringing a salad to work each day), or whether their environmental awareness is impacting the efficiency of meetings and decision-making. Perhaps certain users print multiple copies of one document or type of document habitually, suggesting irresponsible approach to data security and highlighting a training need.

Once you understand this, you can take the relevant steps to eliminate waste, clamp down on data security, or identify training needs to improve employee security or workflows.

2. Adjust your budget to fit your needs, not your needs to fit your budget

Of course, with managed print services, we’ll manage your stock levels and your inventory

and make sure you only buy consumables and hardware you need when you need it.

Our user-friendly dashboard gives you complete visibility on how these resources are being used, so you can see your stock position quickly and easily, and adjust your budgets (up or down) to reflect your needs as they increase or decrease.

3. Improve your RoI

Management of resources isn’t just limited to consumables either. With visibility on exactly how devices are used in your business, you can also monitor underuse of equipment, enabling you to re-evaluate RoI on equipment and reallocate resources to ensure that each investment is used efficiently.

With ASL’s managed print solutions, our print workflow experts will continually review managed print service data user practices and the usage patterns of print services rendered. So, if we spot a way that workflow practices, your users or your fleet could become more efficient and save you money or improve your security, we’ll let you know and work with you to implement these cost savings. Whether it be through reducing your fleet or transforming your printing practices, we’ll help you deliver rosier financial results for the business as a whole.

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