72% of businesses say that their shift to working from home has been accelerated by Covid. And 80% of businesses say that they will continue to work from home after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. So, with remote working set to stay, digital transformation has become increasingly important to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

However, the ability to enable access to documents and data for all employees, whether they’re working from home, from the office, or a bit of each, isn’t the only benefit of digital transformation. Successful digital transformation can save you time, money, and improve the security of your data, making you more compliant with data protection regulations.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation goes beyond simply ditching the paper. It is the process of adopting digital workflows to manage the digitized data. As data is created, managed, stored and used, technology is used to reduce time spent waiting on tasks or items, reduce time taken for data to get from one place to another and to use data in new ways or store it in a more cost-effective manner. The process of digital transformation involves the embracing of technology by the entire business, and done properly, the benefits are staggering.

Access data from wherever you are

When you ditch the paper and opt for digital your employees can access data when they need it. With cloud storage, if someone is already working on a document, another person can still access that document, and even see in real-time the changes being made. If an employee starts working on a document at home, they don’t need to remember to bring it to work, with digital data storage, it’s already there. Or anywhere else they choose to set up a workstation.

Rely on digital workflows for seamless productivity

Setting up digital workflows can cut out the slack time in a project. Workflows can be used to automate repetitive manual processes too. So, in addition to employees receiving a notification that something is ready for their attention, customers can receive acknowledgements or registration codes faster and more efficiently, and new employees can receive critical onboarding information without having to wait for the HR team to have a clear diary. Workflow automation is less frustrating for employees, a better experience for customers and looks more professional to new joiners.

Use digital transformation to save money

Real estate costs money. The more space you have the more rent you pay. When you digitise your data and store things electronically you can say goodbye to filing cabinets full to bursting with outdated documents and historical receipts.

Sounds good. But even digital data storage costs money. That’s why with digital transformation, you can choose what data you keep, where you keep it according to how sensitive it is and therefore how securely it needs to be protected. You can even choose how long you keep it for.

It’s exactly this type of data that DocuWare is designed for. DocuWare is an intuitive digital workflow solution by ASL that securely captures, moves and archives documents across your workflows and processes. State of the art encryption and protection enables DocuWare to accommodate the more secure protection needs of sensitive data, supporting your data protection policies and regulatory compliance. To learn more about DocuWare, watch our videos at DocuWare – ASL Group (asl-group.co.uk).