With printer leasing, office administration becomes a whole lot simpler.

The terms of your printer or photocopier lease will be detailed in the lease agreement – a contract between the lessor (you) and the lessee (ASL or other printer leasing company). The contract will determine things such as how much you pay, how long your lease is for, and the hardware that you’re leasing. It will also determine any other services you are entitled to as a part of the lease agreement.

Spreading the cost with printer leasing 

One of the greatest benefits of printer leasing, or having a photocopier lease, is that you get to spread the cost. Leasing a photocopier or printer means you can get the printer or copier hardware your office needs, even when you haven’t budgeted for it. That’s because, when you lease office hardware you don’t need to find vast sums of Capex. Instead, you can pay for your printer and photocopier hardware out of Opex and reap the benefits of paying regular, pre-planned payments.

How long are photocopier leases?

Lease agreements can be for any length of time. When you choose printer leasing, or to lease a photocopier, you pay a monthly fee for a pre-determined contract term. The shorter the contract, the higher the monthly rental fee. Printer leasing and photocopier lease agreements tend to be around 36 months, but can be as little as 12 months, or as long as 60 months, depending on the needs of the lessee.

With printer leasing, you can leave the difficult decisions to the experts

One of the most time-consuming things about choosing to upgrade equipment is knowing what to buy. And, because needs will often vary according to your organisation’s situation you can’t just Google ‘the best printer/photocopier to buy’ and trust that it will be the best photocopier for you.

Choosing the right hardware will depend on many factors such as the number of copies you need to make, the number of people using the photocopier and the budget you have. Understanding this is the first step in finding the right photocopier lease package for you. ASL’s team of experts will work with you to understand your photocopier or printer and photocopier lease requirements and then will identify the best hardware to suit your needs from the wide range of copiers and printers available from the leading photocopier and printer manufacturers we partner with. This means that when you sign a photocopier lease, you won’t have to research or buy your own photocopier – ASL will do all that for you.

Leasing won’t mean you have to compromise on the quality of your printers or photocopiers. In fact, the contrary, because newer models with enhanced capabilities become more affordable when paid for over a period of time. And all of our lease photocopiers and printers have output speeds from 15 pages to 180 pages per minute in A4, a range of online or offline finishing options, and can be fully integrated into virtually all office networks.

And, even when the lease is up and it’s time to give back your photocopier or switch to a newer model, you simply hand the photocopier back. No disposal costs and no need to worry about any data help on or in it. ASL looks after all that for you as part of the lease agreement.

There are so many reasons that printer leasing makes sense for organisations of all sizes. If you still have questions about leasing a photocopier or printer leasing, give us a call on  0345 2077000 and speak to an advisor for more information about how outsourcing your IT services to a Managed Services provider could save you money and safeguard your IT systems.