When switching to managed document services, some ASL customers have been astonished to find that they have made savings of up to 30%. And with energy prices rising exponentially and no cap on business rates, more organisations are looking to save money wherever they can. One obvious way to save is by switching to managed document services.

What are managed document services?

If you’re familiar with managed print services, then you’ll understand how, by switching to a managed services solution, you can save time and money by reducing costs and decreasing waste. Managed document services are a similar concept, but they manage the entire document lifecycle, from inception through storage, retrieval and deletion; from capturing and archiving digital documents, right to managing the resulting environmental impact.

Making smart decisions on things such as what documents to store securely, how long to store data, and where it should be stored, you can instantly make cost reductions on your data storage costs. Document workflow solutions such as DocuWare can help you to manage complicated document workflows, ensuring that files are captured, stored and can be easily retrieved. This removes the burden from your staff and reduces the hours they would otherwise spend tagging, transferring, searching, retrieving and even deleting documents from your servers.

By reducing the amount of mundane manual tasks that your staff need to be carrying out, you can free resources to think big. To be more strategic. And to put effort into helping your organisation grow. By introducing workflows that trigger receipts, remittance advice slips, or order acknowledgement forms, you can also speed up processes. Faster invoicing, swifter payment, instant acknowledgement, and speedier order despatch can all help you win kudos with your clients and get those 5* reviews.

Why use managed document services?

In addition to reducing the time your staff take to manually progress documents through lengthy workflows, using managed document services can also help to speed up processes. Tasks aren’t dependent on a full team of staff turning up every day, so sick leave and holidays don’t result in disproportionate delays.

And with data storage managed on your behalf, you can benefit from economies of scale, which can deliver reduced rates for things like data storage, making serious cost savings for your business.

How do I switch to managed document solutions?

If you want to find out how much you could save by switching to a managed document solution today, call us for a no-obligation discussion. You can contact us through our contact page Contact Us and an ASL advisor will call you to discuss how you could be benefitting from managed document services.