Recently, we’ve been looking at the different ways your printing can be hosted.

When we introduced managed print services, our default software is Papercut. For those preferring a public cloud-based managed print service, we use Papercut Hive, but for other customers, we use Papercut.

Papercut uses a combination of clever features that both improve the appeal of more sustainable workflow choices and support these with safety measures to protect documents that are printed. By doing this, Papercut ticks all the boxes when it comes to security, the environment and convenience; the things that matter most to our customers.

How Papercut keeps your printing secure

Papercut has a number of control features built in to protect the security of your data.

It has access control to allow organisations to link with AD, eDirectory, LDAP and Cloud directories to control who, when and how users print.

Then, Tap and Release technology ensures that only those entitled to the document can access the document as it’s printed.

And, finally, it also prints documents with a watermark to promote responsible document handling after printing – no more documents left unattended on printers.

And while documents travel from A to B, they travel over an encrypted peer-to-peer connection, without you having to open any inbound firewalls to your server.

Protecting the environment

Because the user has to commit to printing the document at every stage, there are fewer unused print-outs. This means those piles of paper and half-printed then cancelled documents are eliminated which saves resources and reduces the carbon footprint your business leaves.

Alternatively, Papercut also makes it easier to scan and save documents directly to folders, email, or cloud storage accounts which can entice users to make more environmentally sustainable choices in their working day – particularly when features like Optical Character Recognition and image processing make these documents more easily searchable.

Fast and easy access to printing or saving documents, wherever you are

Papercut is also really usable. It uses the same easy-to-use interface whatever brand and model you choose to use, making it quick and easy to action tasks wherever you are and whatever device you are using. What’s more, using Papercut doesn’t place additional burden on your IT teams as it’s BYOD compatible. That means users can search and devices and discover printers without intervention from your IT team, freeing up their time for more important things like safeguarding the network.

To find out more about a Papercut and how it can promote more sustainable processes, keep your printed data safe and enable access to documents when needed, chat with our sales team. You can even use Ava, our new intelligent assistant.