Is your business considering a leasing arrangement for its photocopiers? There are plenty of good reasons to do so, including:

1. The cost savings that come from having an affordable monthly leasing payment rather than a large, single capital purchase expense on your books, followed by regular servicing, maintenance and repair costs.
2. The ability to optimise your business copier arrangements with the best technology and copier equipment on the market matched entirely and exactly to your needs.
3. The support and expertise of an expert lease copier maintenance team on hand when you need them, including engineer callouts if any errors occur.
4. Broader support from the experts in areas such as copier asset planning, migration to a paperless office and other relevant document management and digital solutions.
5. The removal of the print management and maintenance burden from your in-house resource – allowing your IT team to focus on actual IT provision, including strategic issues that affect all modern businesses – rather than spending time attempting to fix jammed and archaic copiers that are no longer fit for purpose!

So you’ve already been convinced of the many reasons to lease a copier – but how do you go about it once you’re ready to move ahead?

lease a photocopier from ASL

The leasing process explained

Get in touch!

Firstly, get in touch with ASL Group who will be delighted to discuss your lease copier needs and to put together an initial proposal for your business.

Defining your needs

We will send out one of our team to your business to assess your needs, get a sense of what you are looking for in terms of lease copier kit, accessibility and numbers, and then refine your brief. By determining your needs we can then put together a proposal that completely matches your business requirements. Our expert will ‘rightsize’ your lease copier provision under the lease arrangement so that your business has the full operational capacity for printing without downtime or delays, and also without excess kit or capacity. By optimising this balance, your business has access to the latest lease copier kit without waste or excess cost.

Signing the paperwork

We will put forward our proposal to you which will include details of the lease copier makes and models that we think will best suit your unique needs, based on the assessment we have carried out and the details you have shared with us, the number of lease copiers you need (for example at different locations) and the degree of service availability that you want for elements such as copier consumables purchasing, servicing, maintenance, callout turnarounds etc. We will work with you to get to the point where the proposed service agreement that we have put together for you completely matches your needs – and your available budget. Remember, buying a professional business-quality copier is a big investment, especially for an SME. When you lease a copier, however, you replace this sizeable cost with an affordable monthly lease arrangement that spreads the hire cost over a defined period of time. Again, we offer a series of leasing period arrangements so that your monthly cost can be truly flexible to your needs.

Implementing the contract

Once you have signed your paperwork and set up the lease copier payment, we will move ahead and purchase your professional new copier kit. Where required we will dispose of and recycle your existing and redundant kit, and then set up your new copiers so that they are ready and working. We will train staff as required on the usage of your new copiers and provide a regular servicing schedule to ensure that they run as effectively as possible. We will also make sure that your in-house leads have all relevant contact details for our engineers and understand the process of calling our lease copier maintenance team for any problems, according to the terms of your contract.

Managing the contract

Once this process is up and running we will check in regularly to ensure you are happy with your new lease copier provision and that everything is working as it should be. We will then stay in regular contact for any queries or extra support that we can offer you, as and when you need it. You will have a named account manager who is there to discuss any queries, services or issues that you might encounter and we will provide regular reports with details of the KPIs of your contract to demonstrate the quality of our delivery.

Support when you need it

One of the great advantages of photocopier leasing is that you have expertise on hand when you need it. Many of our customers call us in to help them start to plan for digital document management or to understand specific related issues such as the new GDPR and its impact on physical customer document copying and storage. In all cases, we can provide general advice and guidance or specific consultancy and service delivery according to your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service and we have the customer reviews that support our efforts!

Please get in touch today to find out more and we will be delighted to help.