For many years ASL has been providing photocopiers and printer leasing for the TV and film industry. Throughout this time, the UK’s film and High-End TV production industry has transformed. The UK has seen substantial growth in the number of movie production studios with Wycombe Film Studios, Shinfield Studios and Winnersh Film Studios opening or planned in the South-East alone. Further studio developments are planned across the UK including in Kent, Cardiff, London, Bedford and Greenwich.

In 2022, UK film production contributed £1.97 billion more to the economy than in the pre-pandemic year 2019 with a total spend of £6.27 billion.

Hardware for the film industry and why reliability is critical

The growing number of studios offers a great opportunity for increased creativity and media production, however, the next challenge for those using these new studios will be securing the equipment to ensure the pre- and post-production processes run smoothly and deliver the profitability needed. Additional hardware such as printers or photocopiers will be required for the duration of the short-term project, yet purchasing these doesn’t make commercial sense. This is particularly relevant when you consider how fast the technology industry is developing at present and the importance of ensuring such equipment is up-to-date to protect your creative content.

Equipment needs to be reliable. Unscheduled downtime can create substantive and costly delays to your tight production schedule. Overrunning isn’t always simply a matter of incurring fees, even a delay of days can have a much greater knock-on effect, potentially delaying your production schedule by months and triggering costs to soar and profitability to plummet.

Film production hardware leasing

ASL has extensive experience working with film and TV production companies at Shepperton Studios, Pinewood Studios, Maidstone, Leavesden Studios, Longcross Studios, Twickenham Studios, The Gillette Building, Elstree, Ealing and at other film and TV studios across England.

Just one of the reasons for ASL’s vast film and media client list is the flexibility that it offers for short-term projects such as film and movie production. This flexibility means that film production companies can easily scale up or down as needed.

Another benefit of using ASL’s Film Division is that, because we understand how the film industry operates with such tight timings, and squeezed profit margins that don’t allow for additional studio time, we only partner with leading manufacturers. Our modern and up-to-date printer and photocopier fleet is perfect for short-term projects and with our experienced teams, we can remotely access devices when required to resolve issues quickly and at short notice, maximising the uptime of your IT hardware and helping manage your costs to meet your budget.

By using ASL for all of your film production hardware needs, you can be confident that your equipment (or fleet) can be scaled up when needed and scaled back when it isn’t and hardware downtime won’t hold your profitability back.

For more information about how ASL can support film industry businesses with their film production copier and printer leasing, contact us on 0345 207 7000 or visit our photocopiers for films page online.