Today’s businesses require photocopiers. There are few businesses that don’t. However, if you don’t use a photocopier that often, or if you are just starting out and cannot say how much you are likely to use a photocopier, a lease is a great way forward.

A photocopier lease can give you the flexibility you need, without committing you to high levels of initial investment. In recent years, leasing has become increasingly important to businesses as they walk the tightrope of managing capital expenditure and operational costs.

Making large investments affordable

Photocopiers aren’t cheap, and not all businesses have thousands of pounds just sitting there. Therefore, for some businesses, buying a photocopier is dependent on their ability to source funding through a bank loan or investor loan. Of course, additional interest, or the loss of business control can then become a factor in the purchase of your photocopier.

With a photocopier lease you can benefit from making small, regular, fixed payments. This makes your photocopier or fleet of photocopiers easier to budget for, as there are no one-off capital expenditure spikes to navigate when it’s time to extend your fleet or upgrade.

With a lease agreement, you can have immediate access to the photocopier that meets your needs whilst still making payments that work for your business. With ASL Flex, ASL’s new flexible leasing plan, your expenditure can reflect your needs,. Flex allows you to reduce your leasing commitments within certain parameters as your needs change, saving money on equipment that you may not need, or meeting new and emerging needs that were not previously expected.

Pay for solutions that always meet your needs – however they change

Traditionally, leasing photocopiers was considered to be more expensive long term. However, these days, leasing a copier can be more cost-effective than buying one. With the speed with which technology now evolves, and the rate of depreciation that results, buying a photocopier can prove more costly than a photocopier lease. And when it’s time to upgrade to a newer model, you need to find the funds to reinvest all over again. With a photocopier lease, it becomes much easier to simply switch your lease agreement to the photocopier that meets your requirements as soon as your needs change.

With ASL Flex, the flexibility you can gain through photocopier leasing is greater than ever. The flexible leasing agreement means you can flex your lease to meet your needs in terms of both capabilities and volume.

Spread out the costs with servicing and repairs covered

Then there’s the issue of ongoing costs. A photocopier lease will usually include support and repairs within the monthly lease fee, so you can keep your photocopier running without having to provision for an ‘emergency reserve’ to cover unexpected maintenance and repairs.

Make tax savings when possible

Then there’s the issue of tax. When you purchase equipment outright, it is not always possible to deduct the entire purchase price as a business expense. However, one of the big benefits of leasing a photocopier is that every payment made towards the lease of the copier is considered a pre-tax business expense, meaning you can deduct all payments made, so leasing can actually save your business money.

Of course, with ASL Flex there is even greater flexibility than ever before. Not only does it become possible to ensure that the photocopier or photocopiers will meet your changing needs, without you  having to navigate high capital expenditure spikes but, should your business suddenly expand and need further photocopiers,  the nation get plunged into another lockdown, or demand drop unexpectedly, you can reduce your lease within certain agreed parameters, reducing the number of photocopiers you have and the space they take up, and reducing your outgoings.

You can find out more about the benefits of buying a photocopier outright in our blogs ‘the pros and cons of buying your photocopier’. To find out more about ASL Flex, or to discuss whether your business would benefit from purchasing a photocopier outright or setting up a lease agreement, get in touch with ASL Group today: