Picture the scene. With a big meeting coming up, you finish your presentation and send it to the printer. Everyone will be able to hold a copy of your latest work. As a decision maker in your company, it’s important that everything works when you need it to. But there’s a problem. The printer isn’t responding. For a moment, you wonder what to do. Memories of running out of ink at crucial moments and not being able to replace it in time flood back. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You remember you used your decision-making position to opt for managed document services provided through ASL. All aspects of in-house printing are managed by us, including a full maintenance package with technical help only a phone call away. You breathe a sigh of relief.

Nobody wants to be in this situation, and with ASL you never will be again. With a fully comprehensive maintenance agreement in place, your staff can get on with their jobs without any worries. As part of your package, all printers will be serviced by a team of fully trained and manufacturer certified engineers. This means that your hardware will always be working at optimum performance.

ASL supplies state-of-the-art technology from market-leading manufacturers. All products are reliable and of the highest quality, offering excellent options for workplaces.

From time to time, some will experience problems with their setup. That’s where we come in. A guaranteed same-day response on all our managed document services means you won’t be left high and dry. Here’s how to get help from us at ASL.


Remote assistance

Have a quick question or a query you think could be easily solved? We’ll provide you with a unique PIN to access remote help from a service engineer who can help with your problem. You can also request a new toner or send a meter reading via our website, meaning you’ll have a constant supply of cartridges.

Call the ASL support team

Our Midlands-based call centre and IT help desk should be your first port of call for any problems. They will answer your call quickly and establish if is there is a solution that can be offered over the phone. If a solution can’t be found, an engineer will be allocated to come out to your business.

Request an engineer callout

If necessary, you can directly request a service engineer by completing a short form on our website or by contacting the help desk. To help them deal with your request, have the serial number of the machine you want fixed along with a description of the fault to hand.

Once you’ve contacted us, we will deal with your problem quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to take the worry of managing print services away so you can focus on your own job.


For more advice on the best print hardware for your business, and how managed document services can improve your productivity, your bottom line, and your carbon footprint, get in touch with our sales team here. ASL Group are a managed document solutions company, who streamline and improve the print operations of their clients: https://asl-group.co.uk/