In the age of ‘Always On’ technology, there’s no guessing when the boss is going to call in that document you’ve been working on. Chances are, the request will land in your inbox just after you’ve snuck off at 5.34pm on a Friday afternoon for that dentist appointment. It may look a little unprofessional, but a bigger issues is that it could delay important business decisions.

The truth of the matter is, that we’re always on duty. Whether we’re on the train checking our emails on our phone, engaging in a workplace chat on our tablet in front of the telly, or in the office on our laptop, we’re still working.

Times have changed and saving documents locally to a single workstation can hold your business back.

It limits those who can access it. It can reduce a business’ responsiveness. And it interferes with the portability of work by increasing admin as employees switch from reading a request on their mobile to firing up the laptop to action it.

So, what is cloud-based document management?

Cloud-based document management services enable documents to be stored in the cloud as they are saved. They can be uploaded anywhere and accessed anywhere, by anyone with the correct permissions.

Timely accessibility isn’t the only benefit of cloud-based document management services. Removing the need to transfer data using unprotected flash drives that can be misplaced, or can fall into the wrong hands, means cloud-based document storage is safer too. In this post-GDPR world, that’s a big bonus for businesses.

Cloud-based data storage can also enhance your document security in other ways. Providers of cloud-based document storage are likely to have greater resources to protect their networks from internal and external threats than an individual or an organisation would have. We use Microsoft Azure for document storage. Azure is the only cloud storage solution that offers continuous security-health monitoring, checking their network remains secure twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With security-hardened infrastructure, user-access management, and sophisticated encryption, Microsoft Azure’s multi-level security is substantially tighter than most businesses could afford and manage.

Then there’s the cost savings too. By not using your own hardware to store your documents, you no longer need to tie up essential business capital on redundant storage space or hardware kept in the corner of the office ‘just in case’.

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why more businesses are moving to cloud-based document management. With our cloud-based document management service, documents stored in the cloud are also more easily retrievable, and with impressive uptime, you can be confident that your documents are there when you need them. Wherever ‘there’ might be.

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