We all use workflows all of the time. Often without even realising. Whether it’s the process of finding a bus to catch, or getting social media content posted by the marketing team.

However, manual workflows are time consuming and can be subject to delays and errors.

But if a businesses is to stay at the top of their game, there’s no time for mistakes or procrastination. Responsive, agile businesses are the ones that win the market share, the top talent and new opportunities.

Businesses have more opportunities available to them than ever before, with cloud-based applications, big data, machine learning and more, but to get the full use of these and integrate them into the workflow, can be difficult. It can make our working lives more complicated.

And, most of us, when faced with complexity, prefer to procrastinate. To put off the inevitable for as long as possible. Not good for an agile, responsive business. Then, when workflows are actioned manually, complex workflows increase the likelihood for mistakes to be made. And, can be extremely time consuming to apply.

This is where digital workflows come in.

Digital workflows enable the automation of much of the workflow, automatically determining the next step and either actioning it, or sending it along the workflow to be actioned.

ASL will analyse your business’ needs and set up automated workflows that allow complicated workflows that could include machine learning, artificial intelligence, and an increasing number of applications, checks and opportunities to be integrated, without the user breaking a sweat. With an automated workflow, businesses can take advantage of these new and evolving opportunities without compromising quality or pace.

Some of these workflows can even help to save money. For example, selecting more costly storage with enhanced protection for sensitive documents and low-cost storage for data that isn’t so sensitive. Whilst the manual application of this type of rule could prove ad-hoc and time consuming, as part of a digital workflow, employees are largely unaware of the process and their own working day remains unchanged.

To learn more about how ASL can automate your processes using advanced digital workflows,  enabling your business to play with the big boys and reduce opportunities for error that could result from manual application of complex workflows, call us today on 01908 657 940.

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