From small businesses to large, almost every workplace will have print management needs. But, if you’re looking for a way to increase the reliability of your printing operation while keeping costs under control, how do you know which printer services are the right fit for your business? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the options available from ASL, and which companies they may be best suited for.

Managed Print Services (MPS)

A Managed Print Services (MPS) contract begins when you contact ASL to discuss your printing needs. Our expert team will then work with you to understand precisely what print management services you need and develop, install, and maintain a bespoke solution for your organisation.

MPS is cost-effective for businesses which produce moderate to high amounts of printed material, or who need to implement strict monitoring or compliance solutions to regulate document printing or access. An MPS contract includes the cost of procuring and installing all of the hardware and software, so it can also be an ideal option for growing enterprises who are looking for financial predictability and to reduce their capital costs, or exposure to high-value, depreciating assets.

Managed Document Services (MDS)

For businesses with complex or high-volume workflows, Managed Document Services, or MDS, can streamline and optimise your entire document process from ingest to print management.

MDS differs from MPS in that it includes print management software and processes, as well as a document management, archiving, and retrieval system. If you have filing cabinets full of documents which seem to get fuller on a daily basis, then you will know the pain of wasting hours trying to find that one piece of paper you need. MDS can remove all of that stress and hassle by ensuring that you, and your team, can access any business document you require in seconds, right from your workstation.

MDS is also an ideal option for businesses who need to ensure confidentiality and security of the documents in their care. Because ASL offers document management software with full access control and auditing built in, you can be confident that only those who are authorised to access a document will be able to do so. Audit reports will help you to demonstrate your compliance, and ensure that you don’t fall foul of data protection legislation such as the GDPR.

Hardware leasing

Organisations with lower-volume, or simpler, print management needs may benefit from controlling their printing costs through a hardware leasing arrangement. These contracts allow you to procure the latest in copy and print management technology for a fraction of the upfront cost and gain financial predictability because servicing, depreciation, and all consumables can be included in your monthly leasing payment.

Equipment leasing is available through ASL for our whole range of business copy and print management solutions, from a variety of leading manufacturers including Canon, Kyocera, Ricoh and many others. Because ASL has strong partnerships will all of the leading manufacturers, we can negotiate the best value deals – on hardware and consumables – and pass those savings on to you, the customer, through your contract or leasing agreement.

Consultancy and Project Management

ASL offers all of our customers a bespoke, tailor-made service. However, for the very largest businesses or those with unusually complex needs, we are also able to undertake an entire consultancy and project management service.

With this option, our expert staff will work with your team to develop, implement, and support a print management and document service which will meet the needs of your business. Our project managers are trained to the highest standard, including PRINCE2, and all our engineers are CompTIA accredited, with many also Microsoft certified.

Once the ideal solution for your business has been identified, ASL will procure any necessary hardware, carry out the complete installation on your premises, and then work with you to train your staff to make the most of your new systems. Ongoing support is also covered, with our engineers and remote support teams available on call 24/7.

Software Options

If your business already has the printing hardware it needs, you may like to consider adding print management software to your set-up. Organisations which process and need to keep track of a large number of documents may want to examine a file management programme, or scanning software, to aid in digitising their workflow. Businesses whose primary concern is cost-control would benefit from print management to ensure that staff are only printing essential documents, and reduce paper use.

ASL can supply a range of industry-leading software options, as well as offering support and assistance with installation, and staff training.

Whatever the size and shape of your business, contact ASL today to find out which of our printer services options best suits you.