Project Description

Essex commercial printer drives business growth, service efficiency with Smart Print and Ricoh digital print technology

With rapid expansion and more customer demand, Essex-based Spingold Design & Print turned to ASL Technology and Ricoh to help it manage business growth. A new production print solution from Smart Print and Ricoh has enabled ASL to increase the quality and scope of its service portfolio. The solution also saw a 50 percent increase in business two weeks after installation.

Executive Summary

Name: Spingold Design & Print
Location: Colchester, Essex
Size: 5 staff
Activity: Commercial printer


  • Support business expansion and increasing customer demand
  • Business switching to more digital print work
  • Lost margin due to sub-contracted work


  • ASL Technology and Ricoh Production Print


  • 50% increase in business within 2 weeks of solution install
  • Increases quality and scope of service portfolio helping to differentiate the company
  • Decreases sub-contracted work which strengthens customer service response
  • Ricoh print technology offers wider functionality, broadens job capability
  • Solution implemented in just 2 days, including operator training
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“In the first two weeks after the Ricoh press was installed we increased our workload by 50 percent. There are places I want the company to grow and now that is possible through our partnership with ASL and Ricoh. Our new digital print solution gives us the option to offer so many more services to customers and it is fast becoming the life blood of our business.”

Ed Oakes, Managing Director, Spingold Design & Print